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Collegial spirit in corona times

Collegial spirt in Corona Times

Collegial spirit in Corona Times

Minh, who works in our Vietnamese office, had seen on the TV news about a charitable supermarket called Zero Dong. As the name implies, this supermarket provides food, clothes and books to people in need, at no cost. Underprivileged, homeless or people who are more financially disadvantaged in the wake of the Coronavirus, can come and collect 5 items from the shop twice a month, for free.

Collegial spirt in Corona Times

Initially Minh wanted to donate to the shop herself, but considered that her co-workers might want to collaborate and get involved too. Minh wrote to all her Vietnamese colleagues and was delighted at the response and support from her colleagues.

Within 3 days, the Vietnamese office raised enough money to purchase 450kg of rice, 20 cartons of instant noodles and 450 eggs from a local wholesale food supplier. These supplies were donated to Zero Dong supermarket the next day. It was a little gesture from Jonckers Vietnam office, to express empathy and contribute to society, when there’s so much need.

Corona Times

“I feel so happy because we have made a small but meaningful contribution to society at this time in need. Furthermore, I was honoured to be trusted to do this on my colleagues’ behalf,“

said Minh

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