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Jonckers Neural Machine Translation Engine

Jonckers Neural Machine Translation Engine

Jonckers Neural Machine Translation Engine (NMT)

What is Neural Machine Translation (NMT)? NMT is a fast evolving, innovative technology programmed to train machines to learn and to translate. Thanks to significant financial and time investment, coupled with support from experienced and specialist developers, we have engineered and built our own customized Jonckers NMT Engine. Initially designed to be proficient in the top 5 requested languages; French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Testing and Evaluation

The provisional testing and evaluation phases, coordinated by a specially selected language team, produced some extremely positive results. The majority of our selected reviewers considered the Jonckers NMT Engine output to surpass the level of successful output they expected. We are proud to mention that a select few graded it as ‘one of the best MT outputs’ they have ever seen.

Further Developments

In March, we released Jonckers Trados NMT Plugin to enable production to leverage the benefits of Jonckers NMT before it’s fully connected to Words Online. We are further developing and progressing the system to enhance its language repertoire and increase its capacity to generate faster turnaround time. We are extremely dedicated to this project and are looking forward to launching future versions of the Jonckers NMT Engine to the market.

Why, When and How?

The main use for NMT is to produce faster output at a cost reduction and the use depends greatly on the context and final intention of the translated text. At JONCKERS, we apply a consultative approach to clients interested in exploring the benefits of NMT. Solution Architects and Technical Experts come together to analyse:
• Locale
• Usage
• Quality
• Productivity

Here is how it has helped clients so far:

Time to Market

An online retail client desperately needed to get its products to market in a new locale before the competition – product descriptions and other customer facing materials needed translation as quickly as possible. By applying Machine Translation with human post editing, we achieved faster, high quality output at a fraction of the price.

Customer Responsiveness

A services client needed to apply a new delivery strategy for real time conversations between its global customer base, and its English-speaking sales support engineers in India. By applying Machine Translation, this was achieved in real time, improving customer services levels.


One of our high profile telecommunications partners needed a more cost effective way to deliver high volume customer support documentation to their customers in key global markets. Applying Machine Translation to structured and repetitive text, containing large volumes, meant we significantly reduced their translation costs.

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