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Introducing Jonckers WordsOnline

Introducing Jonckers WordsOnline

WordsOnline Launch

Its been a busy start to the year for Jonckers with some exciting new tech developments. One of our highly anticipated platforms was launched to great acclaim, Jonckers new cloud-based localization management system – WordsOnline!

We have developed a unique and customized platform in-house using our highly experienced tech team to give our customers more power and visibility. The purpose is to allow our clients to be able to submit, monitor and manage their requests to ensure the best results for them. In the first release, we offer the following key features:
• New request creation from both WordsOnline portal and Web API
• Fast request creation from configurable options
• Automatic project task generation from customizable workflow
• Streamlined and event driven process management with notification
• Smarting sourcing automation with the fast selection and booking of the defined resources

There are even more exciting features to be released so watch this space…
• Automation to convert and analyze files to standard XLF
• Quote generation based on predefined quote template
• Online collaboration between internal and external resources
• Built-in performance scoring upon task delivery and acceptance
• Claim based work assignment for continuous translation and delivery

For more information contact sales@jonckers.com.


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