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As a Localization Manager or Director of a global corporation, you know the importance of having a reliable translation partner to help you reach new markets and connect with customers in their native languages. That’s why the annual Nimdzi Report is such a valuable resource for those in the localization industry. It provides an in-depth analysis of the top translation companies around the world, based on various factors such as revenue, services offered, and client feedback.

In this blog post, we’ll explore Jonckers’ latest rankings and what makes them stand out as a leader in the industry. Specifically we’ll address the top 10 fastest growing LSPs, The ratio of Female-owned or Female CEOs and then conclude with the top 100 Language Service Providers (LSPs).

So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea !) and join us, as we explore the largest and the fastest growing in the top 100 Translation Companies of the 2023 Nimdzi Report. 

Firstly, Jonckers is in the top 10 fastest-growing Language Service Providers (LSPs)! What makes this fact so outstanding is that this growth was achieved organically (without acquisitions!). We delve into this top list of LSPs first…

The 10 fastest-growing LSPs in 2023, according to Nimdzi

Jonckers is proudly the 7th fastest growing LSP in 2022. One highly impressive element of this growth, is that this was achieved organically without any acquisitions.

Nimdzi clearly highlights that the company that experienced the fastest growth — Toppan Digital Language — is only 1.5 years old at the time of publication in March 2023. In this time, the company acquired two other businesses (GlobaLexicon and TranslateMedia). Below is the full list of the ten fastest-growing LSPs in 2022.

The 10 fastest-growing LSPs in Nimdzi 2023 report



Growth    %

2022 Revenue (USD million)

Core business


Toppan Digital Language



translation & localization, healthcare, marketing, finance


Propio Language Services



healthcare, government


Multicultural NSW



translation, interpreting, government


CQ fluency



translation & localization, healthcare, life sciences


Argos Multilingual



translation & localization, life sciences, technology & IT





interpreting, healthcare





translation platform


Visual Data Media Services



media localization


MasterWord Services



linguist staffing, interpreting, translation & localization, government, healthcare


DA Languages



interpreting, translation, education, financial

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Female CEO or Female owned LSPs in 2023, according to Nimdzi

Jonckers team

Secondly, this year on International Women’s day there was special emphasis on Female owned or Female CEOs in the Language Services industry

Women account for nearly 70% of the workforce in our industry. Attracting and employing women isn’t a problem. 


“Unfortunately, this has yet to translate into equal representation within the industry.”


Despite there being more women than men in this industry, women are still under-represented in senior positions.

Women lead just 19% of the top-ranked Nimdzi 100 companies (meaning large LSPs are 4x more likely to be managed by men) and, despite conscious efforts to achieve roughly equal representation, only 22% of all of Nimdzi’s C-Suite HotSeat guests are female.

Furthermore, the industry’s gender pay gap is comparable to the global average
If we want to achieve true equality, we must strive to have women and men (at least roughly) equally represented in all offices in the industry. 

Although there is much room for improvement, Nimdzi wants to acknowledge and celebrate that 19% of companies in the Nimdzi 100 ranking are woman-run or woman-owned, especially as the share of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 ranking reached an all-time high of just 10.6% in January of this year. 

Let’s also celebrate the achievements of women in our industry and recognize the following women for their successes as CEOs or owners of the largest LSPs in the world. At Jonckers 1/3 of the management team are female and the company is led by female CEO, Silke Zschweigert. 

Insight into the Language Services Market
(Translation and Localization Services) 2023

Nimdzi Insights, an international market research and consulting firm, announced the publication of its annual Nimdzi 100 report. This ranks the biggest language service companies in the industry. The report is a major undertaking by Nimdzi researchers, serving as an economic barometer for executives and analysts alike.

The report characterizes 2022 as a cooler year, but only in the context of the dramatic growth achieved in 2021. But that’s only the beginning! The main elements of the report are republished below.

2022 was a particularly interesting year for Nimdzi to analyze as the language industry was coming out of two exceptional years in the translation industry. In 2020 growth slowed down as the market adjusted to lockdowns and a changing environment. 2021 then was a boom year that saw growth in the industry skyrocket due to backlog demand from 2020 paired with new demand as language service providers (LSPs) were reaping the rewards of the efforts put in at the start of the pandemic.

2022 was like a ”balance year’ as growth was certainly stronger than in 2020 but more moderate compared to the exceptional growth in 2021.

Putting 2022 into context, we can say that in many ways, life has returned to normal. We have adapted to life after and with the pandemic, everyone is traveling again, conferences are being held onsite once more, all the while remote services are here to stay. On the other side of the coin, the global economy is experiencing inflation and an energy crisis, there is war in Europe, and mass layoffs in the tech industry, all leading to an overall feeling of uncertainty. Who knows what 2023 will hold for the Translation Industry… 

'We estimate that the language services industry reached USD 64.7 billion in 2022 and should grow to USD 69.3 billion in 2023.'

The 2023 Nimdzi report shows the Top 100 Language Service Providers

Rank Company Country 2022 Revenue (USD million) Note Main business
1 TransPerfect United States 1,161.3 v translation, life sciences, legal
2 RWS United Kingdom 923.8 FY translation, patents, life sciences, IT
3 LanguageLine Solutions United States 836.0 v interpreting, translation & localization, healthcare, government
4 Sorenson Communications United States 825.0 e sign language interpreting
5 Keywords Studios Ireland 709.8 v video game services
6 Lionbridge United States 575.0 v translation, life sciences, technology, legal, games & entertainment
7 Iyuno United States 501.0 v media localization
8 Appen Australia 388.5 FY data company
9 translate plus United Kingdom 355.3 v translation, dubbing, manufacturing, marketing
10 Acolad Group France 333.3 v translation & localization, manufacturing, life sciences, government
11 Welocalize United States 292.0 v translation & localization, data & AI, technology, legal, life sciences
12 Hogarth Worldwide United Kingdom 281.0 v communications company, localization
13 Poletowin Pitcrew Holdings Japan 260.5 FY translation, video game services
14 Centific United States 237.0 v localization, data curation, global experiences
15 AMN Language Services United States 216.0 FY interpreting, healthcare
16 GienTech China 208.3 v translation & localization, language testing & QA, technology, IT & software
17 Pixelogic Media United States 200.0 v media localization
18 STAR Group Switzerland 193.7 v translation & localization, platform licensing, automotive & aviation, manufacturing
19 CyraCom International United States 177.4 v interpreting, translation, healthcare, insurance, government
20 President Translation Service Group International (PTSGI) Taiwan 157.6 v translation & localization, interpreting, healthcare, video games, financial & legal, ife sciences
21 Translation Bureau Canada 151.5 v translation & localization, interpreting, government
22 Dubbing Brothers France 151.4 v dubbing & audio, subtitling, media & entertainment
23 Questel United States 129.0 e translation, legal, patents, life sciences
24 VSI United Kingdom 113.4 v media localization
25 Visual Data Media Services United States 110.0 v media localization
26 GTCOM (Global Tone Communication Technology) China 104.3 v language technology, translation, data & AI
27 Propio Language Services United States 96.3 v healthcare, government
28 ZOO Digital Group United Kingdom 95.0 v subtitling, dubbing, media & entertainment
29 STAR7 Italy 87.3 e translation & localization services, manufacturing, IT
30 United Language Group United States 86.0 v translation, interpreting, healthcare, life sciences
31 thebigword United Kingdom 84.4 e interpreting, translation, government
32 Honyaku Center Japan 78.6 v translation, patents, life sciences, finance & legal
33 BIG Language Solutions United States 77.7 e translation, interpreting, education, legal, healthcare, life sciences, financial
34 CQ fluency United States 75.2 v translation & localization, healthcare, life sciences
35 Argos Multilingual United States 71.5 v translation & localization, life sciences, technology & IT
36 TAKARA & COMPANY Japan 70.0 v transcreation, translation, technology & IT, creative services
37 Vistatec Ireland 69.6 e translation, LQA
38 SeproTec Multilingual Solutions Spain 68.0 v translation, interpreting, pharma, life sciences, IP
39 LanguageWire Denmark 67.4 v translation, life sciences, luxury, automotive
40 SWISS TXT Switzerland 67.0 v media localization
41 Uphealth-Martti United States 62.4 e interpreting, healthcare
42 Sunyu Transphere China 61.4 v translation & localization, intellectual property, technology & IT
43 Multicultural NSW Australia 59.8 FY translation, interpreting, government
44 Akorbi United States 58.2 v interpreting, translation & localization, healthcare, financial
45 Certified Languages International United States 55.3 v interpreting, healthcare, other LSPs
46 Translated Italy 55.0 v translation & localization, tourism, technology
47 Verztec Singapore 54.4 v interpreting, transcription, DTP & graphic design, education, financial & legal
48 Logos Group Italy 54.0 v translation & localization, copywriting & transcreation, dubbing & audio
49 Global Talk Netherlands 52.3 v interpreting, government, healthcare
50 KERN Global Language Services Germany 50.6 v translation, interpreting, life sciences, automotive, technology, financial
51 EC Innovations Singapore 49.6 v translation & localization, interpreting, life sciences, technology & IT
52 MotionPoint United States 48.0 e website translation
53 Språkservice Sverige Sweden 44.9 v interpreting, translation & localization, government, technologyy & IT
54 MasterWord Services United States 42.8 v linguist staffing, interpreting, translation & localization, government, healthcare
55 Plint Sweden 42.0 v media localization
56 Ai-Media Australia 41.5 FY translation & localization services, government, education
57 CSOFT International United States + China 39.9 e translation & localization, interpreting, technology & IT, life sciences
58 Yamagata Japan 38.4 v documentation company, technical translation
59 Straker Translations New Zealand 38.3 e technology & IT, manufacturing, translation & localization
60 ONCALL Language Services Australia 38.2 e interpreting, healthcare
61 GLOBO Language Solutions United States 36.2 v interpreting, healthcare, government, education
62 Alpha CRC United Kingdom 35.4 v technology & IT, video games, translation & localization
63 EVA France 35.2 v dubbing, media localization
64 PGLS United States 35.2 v translation & localization, government
65 Jonckers Translation & Engineering Belgium 33.6 v translation platform
66 TIS National (Translating and Interpreting Service) Australia 33.3 FY interpreting, translation, public sector
67 Summa Linguae Technologies Poland 33.2 v data & AI, translation & localization, technology & IT
68 Traductions Serge Bélair (TRSB) Canada 32.5 e translation & localization, financial & legal, life sciences
69 Rozetta Corp. Japan 31.6 v translation, platform, technology
70 CRESTEC — Localization Japan 31.6 v translation, localization, manufacturing, automotive, IT & software
71 Akagane Japan 31.5 v translation & localization, DTP & graphic design, manufacturing
72 Toppan Digital Language United Kingdom 31.4 v translation & localization, healthcare, marketing, finance
73 Spark United Kingdom 31.4 e localization, technology, media
74 Apostroph Group Germany 30.6 v translation & localization, marketing, life sciences
75 Sichuan Lan-bridge Information Technology Co. China 30.5 v translation & localization, manufacturing, technology & IT, automotive
76 DigitalTolk Sweden 29.9 v interpreting, public sector
77 Versacom Canada 29.3 v translation & localization, financial & legal
78 Janus Worldwide Austria 29.2 v translation & localization, technology & IT, manufacturing
79 Acclaro United States 28.4 v translation & localization, copywriting & content creation, technology & IT, media & entertainment
80 DA Languages United Kingdom 25.3 v interpreting, translation, education, financial
81 Skrivanek Czech Republic 25.0 v translation & localization, manufacturing, other LSPs
82 BLEND Israel 25.0 v translation & localization, education, IT, video games
83 Transline Gruppe Germany 24.9 v translation & localization, DTP & graphic design, manufacturing, life sciences
84 t’works Germany 23.2 v translation, website localization, manufacturing, life sciences, legal
85 Transvoice Sweden 23.2 v interpreting, healthcare, government
86 Glodom Language Solutions China 23.2 v translation, IT, patents
87 Systran France 21.0 e machine translation solutions, IT, defense, e-commerce, public sector
88 Supertext Switzerland 19.4 v translation, transcreation, marketing
89 LanguageLoop Australia 19.3 e interpreting, government
90 CBG Konsult & Information Sweden 18.3 v translation & localization, automotive & aviation, government
91 Hanna Interpreting Services United States 17.0 v interpreting, translation, healthcare, education, public sector
92 THG Fluently United Kingdom 16.3 v translation & localization, copywriting & content creation, consumer goods, beauty & wellness
93 Lingsoft Group Finland 16.0 v translation & localization, government, other LSPs
94 Linguava United States 16.0 v interpreting, translation & localization, healthcare
95 e2f United States 15.5 e data & AI, translation, linguist staffing, technology
96 mt-g Germany 15.1 v translation & localization, DTP & graphic design, life sciences
97 itl Institut für technische Literatur Germany 14.9 v translation & localization, automotive & aviation, technology & IT
98 Awatera Cyprus 14.4 v translation & localization, interpreting, life sciences, technology & IT, gaming
99 Hansem Global South Korea 14.0 v technical writing, translation, consumer goods
100 kothes GmbH Germany 14.0 v translation & localization services, technology, DTP & graphic design

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Language service providers without a definitive revenue estimate 

The Watchlist consists of companies that should be in the ranking but are not listed because they do not disclose, publish, or otherwise reveal their revenue. Furthermore, some organizations are units inside larger corporate groups where a small part of revenue comes from language services, and annual reports do not allow researchers to segment out the translation and interpreting revenue. We provide visibility to such companies on the Watchlist to highlight their impact on the industry.

Company Headquarters Description
Ability InterBusiness Solutions (AIBS) Japan translation, technical writing
Advanced Language Systems International United States translation, localization, government
Alibaba Language Services China IT company, translation platform
AllWorld Language Consultants (ALC) United States translation, interpreting, government
American Language Services (AML-Global) United States translation, interpreting, legal, technical, media
Angel Translation Corporation China translation, localization, interpreting
Blu Digital Group United States media localization
CALNET United States government, interpreting
Chizai Corporation Japan translation, patents
Conduit Language Specialists United States translation, interpreting, government
Congrès Global Communications Japan translation, interpreting, conference
Convo Communications United States sign language interpreting
CWU United States translation, interpreting, government
Datawords France translation, marketing
Deluxe United States media localization
Diction Switzerland translation & localization, marketing, financial & legal
DXC ACG United States IT company, translation, software localization
EnVeritas Group (EVG) United States communications company, content localization
Geneva Worldwide United States interpreting, translation, legal, healthcare
Global Linguist Solutions (GLS) United States translation, interpreting, government
ICON Ireland clinical research group, life sciences, translation
IDC Digital United States media localization
Iota Localization Services Ireland translation & localization, IT and software, education, security
KACE Company United States translation, interpreting, government
Language Services Associates United States interpreting, healthcare, insurance, financial
Leidos United States translation, interpreting, government
Lengoo Germany translation, technology
LIS Solutions (Legal Interpreting Solutions) United States interpreting, government
LocTeam Spain translation, localization
Maruboshi Co., part of CMC Corporation Japan translation, interpreting, technical writing
Metropolitan Interpreters and Translators (Metlang) United States translation, interpreting, government
Mid Atlantic Professionals (SSI) United States government, interpreting
Mission Essential United States translation, interpreting, government
Mother Tongue United Kingdom transcreation, translation, content creation
MultiLingual Solutions (MLS) United States translation, interpreting, software localization
Prime Focus Technologies India media localization
Qloc Poland localization, video game services
Raytheon United States government, language technology
Smartling United States IT company, translation, content localization
SOS International United States translation, localization, interpreting, government
SunFlare Japan translation, technical writing
Testronic United Kingdom video game services, localization
TITRAFILM France media localization
Tradutec Group France translation, life sciences, finance
Transn China translation, financial & legal
tsd GmbH Germany translation, manufacturing, financial, pharma
Unbabel United States translation, platform, technology
Valbin Corporation United States government
WCS Group Netherlands translation, interpreting, technical documentation
Wordbank United Kingdom translation, audiovisual, marketing
WordTech International China translation, localization
WorldWide Language Resources United States translation, interpreting, government
ZVRS / Purple Communications United States sign language interpreting

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The Language Industry in 2022 - market size and growth

In 2020 we had reduced our growth estimate to reflect the impact of the pandemic, adjusting the market’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to 6.0%, down from 6.2% and 6.8% in previous years. However, after a phenomenal 2021 with record growth our estimate for 2021 reflected a one-off increase of 10% compared to 2020.

Already in last year’s Nimdzi 100 we predicted that it is unrealistic to expect this exceptional level of growth to continue, but that we can expect the industry to grow at a faster pace than before March 2020, thanks to a changed market that LSPs have adapted well to at this point in time. This is why, in March 2022, we projected a CAGR of 7.0% for the coming years.

Considering the results from this year’s ranking, we can now confirm this growth projection despite economic uncertainty, particularly thanks to a strong second half of 2022.

This is why Nimdzi continue to predict that the market will grow at a CAGR of 7.0% in the coming years, reaching USD 90.8 billion by 2027. 

The language industry: Market growth 2009-2022 and forecast 2023-2027

Looking at the results from the top 100, this is what the ranking shows us about the state of the industry in 2023:

  • Data show that annual growth among the 100 largest industry players has increased as compared to last year, though more moderately than in the previous period where growth was exceptionally high. Between 2021 and 2022, the combined revenues of the top 100 positions in our ranking increased by 17.1%, compared to 22.7% growth for the top 100 in the previous period.

The combined revenue of the companies comprising the top 10 positions in 2022 rose 13.7% compared to those from the previous year. The segment with the strongest growth are the companies in the top 50 positions, whose combined revenues increased by 17.6% as compared to those holding the top 50 positions last year.

  • Despite ongoing consolidation at the top, the industry as a whole continues to grow, producing larger LSPs every year. This trend holds true even in the lowest positions of our ranking, with the 100th largest LSP confirming revenues of $14.0 million this year as compared with $12.6 million, $12.0 million, $11.6 million, and $10.3 million for the 100th ranked LSPs in 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018, respectively.

Summary of The Language Industry in 2022 and Jonckers Translation and Engineering Company

The Language Services market is dominated by a handful of large players, who grew under 14% on average, in a highly fragmented market. Growth accelerated in 2021 and then became more moderate in 2022. 2023 is predicted to grow by 7% in coming years.

Given this backdrop, Jonckers grew faster than most contemporaries to be in the top 10% and with no acquisitions in 2022 to bolster their growth. 

Jonckers also raises their profile above the crowd, by excelling under the leadership of a female CEO.  Only one in five companies in this female-dominated landscape can claim a female CEO or female-owner. 

Jonckers is also listed as a strong contender, by debuting in the Nimdzi top 100 list, at ranking 65. Jonckers is privately owned and hasn’t shared its revenue figures to be ranked in the past nearly 30 years. 


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