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How AI Is Revolutionizing ECommerce

‘The future is coming’, we’ve been told for many years. But the future is here. AI has already revolutionized the way eCommerce works and will continue to do so. Shoppers’ expectations and consumer patterns had already begun shifting, although the coronavirus pandemic has forcibly accelerated these changes.

How AI Is Revolutionizing ECommerce

eCommerce is most certainly here to stay, and alongside it, the utilization of AI to provide a smooth and ideal experience for users. The applications of AI are many, but for eCommerce its potential is tremendous.

One of the things that many of us have missed during lockdown is the pleasure of the impulse buy – the browsing of a clothes rack only to stumble onto a dress that you simply must have, or through a record store only to find that record you’ve been searching for forever seems to drop out of the sky. These experiences aren’t going to go away, and in fact, they can be enhanced by AI.

Take, for example, Amazon’s recommendations system, which is itself an AI. Leaning on decades of data, it understands keenly how each individual shopper behaves, developing recommendations in real-time as you browse. The internet giant has recently opened brick-and-mortar stores, where a system of cameras, motion sensors and AI is able to track what each shopper picks off the shelf, with the customer paying automatically online as soon as they leave the store.

Amazon, with all its resources, is arguably one of the leaders of the AI revolution in eCommerce. Others have adapted to other methods, such as utilizing AI to make sure that new content on social media drops at exactly the moment when it’s likely to have the most impact (and therefore, more conversions). Some are experimenting with the development of VR/AR assisted apps, to help online customers get a better feel for the size and shape of a product – overcoming one of the few drawbacks of eCommerce.

AI revolution in eCommerce

Part of this revolution includes our forte – translation. The globalized world needs a globalized means of communication, and AI-assisted instant translation is key to opening up new markets for eCommerce retailers. When it comes to the ability to ship products all over the world, translation and localization is vital to ensuring market growth.

WordsOnline does exactly that, relying on neural networks and machine learning to improve on past mistakes. Just as a human being learns a language through repetition and practice, so too does the WordsOnline AI, offering unparalleled speed of translation at no reduction in quality. The mass-scale potential of the software, and its ability to ‘remember’ past phrases, resulting in fewer necessary translations (therefore, a higher speed and a lower cost), means that its potential to reduce overheads is key to its appeal. Meaning our customers can go global faster, whilst staying in budget.


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