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Helping Houston Post Hurricane Harvey

Helping Houston Post Hurricane Harvey

Helping Where We Can

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the unprecedented flooding that followed, Jonckers Business Unit Director Martyna Pakula was driven to do something to support a region that houses a number of our clients, contacts, friends and employees. Our very own Lacy Elkins (Seattle Office Manager) was visiting family in Dallas during the initial recovery efforts and relayed information back to us about the panic for gas and supplies even in Dallas. She spoke of displaced families taking refuge in the Dallas Convention Center, and friends taking their personal boats to assist in the continuing rescue efforts; “Texas is a very strong state” Lacy quotes “and no matter what, they always come together. Race, nationality, gender, doesn’t matter. Texans take care of their own, including animals.” Her comments and what we have witnessed have spurred us on to do what we can to help. We are honoured to be given an opportunity to donate and hope that our contribution is received in this same spirit of community as those helping on the ground.

Jonckers Donation

Jonckers has contributed $5,000, with the heart felt support of former US resident and CEO Geo Janssens, to be split between the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund operated by Global Giving and our friends at Weatherford, who are raising funds to support their impacted employees, and even matching others’ contributions in that effort. Among the many amazing charities working on behalf of displaced victims of this disaster, we chose these two community based funds because we wanted our contribution to go as quickly and directly to those who need it most. In the coming weeks, as waters continue to subside and recovery efforts ramp up, we will be keeping a close eye on progress and everyone affected by this disaster is in our thoughts.


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