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EUXmedia and JONCKERS Partner for Global Video Enablement

Language Translation Seen as Key to Global Competency for Marketing Lifecycle Solutions

New York, New York (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

EUXmedia and JONCKERS Partner for Global Video Enablement

EUXmedia, the leading provider of Marketing Lifecycle Solutions for global brands, and JONCKERS, one of the world’s most advanced localization and translation service providers, officially announced their collaboration as part of EUXmedia’s partner program, EUXchange™. By combining their core values and services, EUXmedia and JONCKERS will provide comprehensive marketing lifecycle solutions for customers to over 100 markets, which now fuses high-end video production with language translation for corporate brands.

EUXmedia works with progressive brands to consult on digital marketing strategy, build creative visual storytelling content, and execute on campaigns to generate tangible ROI for its customers. Many of those customers are looking for rounded solutions that involve translation and localization of content to complement EUXmedia’s offerings.

JONCKERS helps customers drive content globally, and have seen large-scale growth in global distribution of video and audio content. High-end video production, ROI-focused content creation and marketing campaign execution are now a core part of their combined offerings.

“Our customers depend on us to make their message relevant wherever it is delivered,” commented Peter Smith, CEO of JONCKERS. “With EUXmedia, we can rely on proven award-winning video production and creative visual storytelling talent to connect our customers to a worldwide audience.”

“JONKERS is known as a trusted resource for international language translation and joining forces with our video production services will allow us to provide our growing clientele of entertainment, advertising, and corporate customers with more comprehensive, global solutions,” explained Keith Laska, CEO of EUXmedia. “Our combined services now include higher quality, nuanced transcription, translation, bilingual voice overs, dubbing, narration and subtitling for our clients’ critical international projects.”

About EUXmedia

EUXmedia provides Marketing Lifecycle Solutions to brands worldwide with expertise in creative and branded visual storytelling. We are a full-service and award-winning provider of video production and strategic digital content marketing for business and entertainment. EUXmedia understands how to help customers achieve an integrated marketing mix based around a video-centric content strategy including Hollywood-style scriptwriting/storytelling and high-end video production services. For more information about EUXmedia and Marketing Lifecycle Solutions, please visit www.EUXmedia.com; connect with EUXmedia on Linkedin; or watch the EUXmedia video.


JONCKERS provides customized solutions for global adaptation of content and products – across linguistic, cultural and technical aspects of global market preparation. To learn more visit JONCKERS.


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