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CollegeBuys appointed Translation Corporate Partner


Opening your College Doors to international students just got easier with CollegeBuys partnership with Jonckers – a cost-effective, professional translation provider.

Jonckers translates millions of words a week and would love to help you reach and teach in your audience’s language.

We can translate your content for your website and eLearning videos, curriculum, business case studies and all training materials.

To get started please email so you can be introduced to the dedicated team. 
From there we will personally guide you through your Continuous Localization process.

The Jonckers advantage

  • CollegeBuys have pre-agreed discounted translation rates for all Stakeholders
  • Our online service is efficient, high quality, and economical
  • We have 30 years of experience in translation
Fast Turnaround times for translations
Cost effective translations
AI Quality and Human Translation

Fast Turnaround

Cost Effective

Quality Service

Delivering 5 times faster than traditional step-by-step translation through our Continous Localization process. You can be agile, whilst communicating in your audience’s language.

Jonckers intelligent application of AI, Continuous Localization, and a global community of linguists, reduces traditionally costly manual steps.

There’s a reason we have loyal, long-term partnerships with our clients: quality is built into every step of our process. This is evidenced by most of our clients awarding us 10/10 in our surveys and our dual ISO certification.

Opportunity through professional translation

Jonckers’ is aware of the importance of education, to create the society of the future.

That’s why we want to help you to break language barriers and be in a position to be able to educate the entire student community. Inclusion and diversity targets will be supported by enabling more students to access information. We offer the following services and more: 

  • Translations & Localization
  • Video Localization
  • Transcription
  • Voice Over
  • Subtitling
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Video Post Production…

Find out more about our translating at scale through our case studies.

We translate thousands of videos a year for Adobe and MediaPRO for eLearning courses and multimedia content!

Get started now by emailing so you can be formally introduced to the dedicated CollegeBuys team. 
From there we will personally guide you through your Continuous Localization process.