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Accredited Language Experts

We, at Jonkers, are proud of our network of Urdu translators who are all accredited language experts and are experts in all the nuances of the spoken and written language, which will be beneficial in providing your business with accurate translations. 

The understanding of local nuances is important because when you have that, communication with your audience becomes more effective. When you are addressing native Urdu speakers, it is important that you get the cultural nuances right, because otherwise there is the danger of the message getting lost in translation or excessive, unnecessary or wrong information being conveyed.

Systematic Approach

We have a highly systematic, yet intuitive approach towards providing the best translation and localisation services to our clients. Before assigning a group 0f translators to the client’s work, we make sure that all translators have undergone a stringent process of training, testing and certification. 

Our in-house translation platform called WordsOnline has a number of in-built algorithms with the purpose of strict quality checks. In the case of large volumes of work, it is split between a number of translators who work on it simultaneously. 

The algorithm checks high-risk content in order to neutralise the threat of mistranslation and mistakes, making sure the quality is never compromised. The translation is done for you in real-time as it happens. To maintain the consistency of the content, the program also has multiple neural machine translation engines (NMTs) in addition to the translators.

Translation and Localisation

We understand that word-to-word translations can be incomplete and dangerous and hence, do not rely on them, but on the local business practices or expressions that are a part of the Urdu-speaking audience, which we include in our translations.

Why you need professional translators

When you ask a language expert, they will tell you that Urdu is one of the most sophisticated languages, and is often referred to as the “language of poets”. 

The language is widely spoken in many parts of South Asia, namely Pakistan and India, among others. It is also popular in some Middle-Eastern countries. The language has heavy influences from Arabic, Persian and even Turkish. Sometimes also called a “sister language” to Hindi, Urdu differs in the vocabulary and script, it is also one of the 0fficial languages in India.

There are many theories as to where the language originated. While some believe that the language was born as a result of the grafting between Brijbhasha and Persian, but scholars reject this theory because the former is too different in construction. 

Other believe that the language was born as a result when Hindus and Muslims first came into contact after Mohammed Gazhnavi’s conquest of Punjab. In the coming century, the language further evolved with settlers from Turkey, Afghanistan and Persia coming to the region. 

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Urdu Translation Services

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