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Translators and Bilinguals – Working Together

Translators and Bilinguals – Working Together

Translators and Bilinguals

Recently the industry has been challenged on its use of bilingual and multilingual team members who are deemed to be less qualified to perform their function because they do not hold a degree. As an LSP who employs both professional Translators and Bilinguals, we wanted to clear this argument up. This is not the case; Whilst we understand not every single person who can speak more than one language can translate, we also dismiss the idea that they cannot work in language services!

“Leonardo da Vinci has been praised as being one of the greatest painters of all time, yet had no formal training or degree in art, he was in fact an engineer and cabinet maker.”

The Difference Between Professional and Bilingual

Jonckers employs a vast number of successful and highly skilled translators who have educated themselves to degree level and honed their craft in the localization industry over many years. These team members are integral to our business and contribute towards our professional ISO certified translation services. Their employment is stringently monitored and tested to ensure the highest standards. Our roster of translators and linguists is externally audited and is always compliant with industry standard and regulation. This is our premium service, a service provided by trusted and rated ‘professionals’.

Jonckers also offers a separate service, utilizing bilingual resources who process fast turn around post-editing services. These bi and multilingual team members are proof checkers and post-editing MT (Machine Translated) content inline with our clients requirements on specialist projects. This service is completely transparent and is a more efficient and effective way of obtaining faster results by combining our technology services with the keen eye of our bilingual resources. Each team member must perform an entry test and no resource is employed without passing this phase.

As you can see the two services are vastly different ; translators use their experience and skill set to process all content, while our additional resources are post-editing teams allocated to quick result projects aided by our state of the art MT platform.

Common Misconceptions

Whilst this is fast becoming a practice used by several LSP’s (Language Service Providers) globally, some industry professionals misconstrue the nature of the bilingual’s role. It is often decided based on opinion that companies are trying to profit from less experienced and qualified staff, selling a service as ‘premium’ but not being performed by professionals. At Jonckers, we have always been honest about our hiring process and the roles people occupy within the company and the functions they perform whilst with us. Misinformed and uneducated reports paint the modern LSP using these resources and techniques as deprofessionalisation and commoditisation of translation services within the industry. This could not be further from the truth…

Training and Career Paths

We offer extensive training for all team members who join us. We have in-house professionals who provide mentorship and post-editing excellence classes to ensure the highest standards. Likewise professional translators are offered real opportunity and progression paths at Jonckers. We value hard workers who drive results, no matter what background they come from.

If you are interested in hearing more about our career opportunities either joining our post-editing team or as a Professional Translator, we would be happy to hear from you : jobs@jonckers.com


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