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Translation – Ecommerce Essentials

Translation – Ecommerce Essentials

E-commerce Essentials

Selling online, globally can be a minefield, with cultural pitfalls, linguistic obstacles and scale like we’ve never seen before. Having worked with global retailers for many years, Jonckers has established a great understanding of the e-commerce essentials required when localizing content.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

We all shop with our senses. Touch, smell, sight, they all contribute to our retail experience. But online is a little different. Consumers do not have the product to hand, so accurate product information is vital when communicating to a customer. Being able to create an image with words is one thing when translating, having an image as a reference, well, that’s even better. That is a key feature Jonckers have built into WordsOnline.

Our partners can not only upload the content they want translating, but they can add visual aids, to assist the linguists in creating the best copy for that product. As we mentioned earlier, word for word translation does not always represent a product in its best light. Translators can paint a better picture with the aid of visuals, as the translators now get a vital look into the product dimensions, materials, colours. Pictures help our crowd of resources generate the best product descriptions faster, generating better results for our partners.

Speed Is Everything

As a retailer, when you have something to shout about, something to sell, you want to do it NOW. There is no time to waste in this sector, if you aren’t communicating your product to your customers, you aren’t selling. That is a lesson Jonckers have learnt over a number of years working with huge names in the industry. Processing masses of information on a daily basis and coordinating the translation of millions of words of text each month, is key in delivering on a client’s needs and expectations.

So how fast do eCommerce brands want a translation? Well, traditional methods could take days, this was ok for the dot com boom era, but with the dawn and continual evolution of online retail at our fingertips on smartphones and tablets, speedier results are now required. So, with that in mind, Jonckers took to developing a feature in WordsOnline that allowed its users to monitor the progress of projects and content conversion in real-time! There is no faster solution than real-time, continuous delivery of bulk content so that once it is ready, our customers can instantly use the converted translation.

Clients can assign higher priority for example to customer support queries, so you can inform the customer quickly and ensure the sale goes ahead.

Creative Campaign Content

Global brands and retailers rely heavily on sales campaigns. Some businesses start campaign planning with a holistic mindset, thinking that if they generate a strong message, that will suffice across all regions. However, some businesses have learnt a vital lesson from this mistake. When brands want to use a ‘campaign message’ or ‘tagline’ across multiple countries, it is imperative that the message is quality checked as sentence structure, colloquialisms, word ordering all come into play and this is when messages ‘lost in translation’ can really harm a business.

To combat such mistakes, Jonckers offers a transcreation service. This is the use of qualified, subject matter experts, in the conversion of content, using a creative writing approach. The transcreation can communicate the same/similar message by using more appropriate tone and language. This can come into play for the simplest of reasons mentioned above but is often a commonplace when brands want to ensure culturally appropriate localization when communicating to customers who may have different beliefs, traditions or have culturally sensitive mindsets.

The step-by-step traditional translation model is unable to cope with the speed and scale of modern-day e-commerce websites and customer touchpoints. Our WordsOnline AI platform uses Neural Machine Translation to help you go online in your target customer’s language and close more sales. Watch our video to find out more:

Scalability at Speed

We do things differently at Jonckers, so much so, that we designed and developed an AI platform specifically with eCommerce needs in mind. WordsOnline allows a faster, more efficient turnaround of online retail content, meaning our global e-retail clients get their products out to market quicker!

Our AI enabled platform allows you to upload your content securely to the cloud, where it is instantly split among your pre-trained linguists online. This work is post-edited and reviewed online, and can be sent back to the client with exceptionally short lead-times. 

Some of our e-commerce clients are translating several million words a month with us, so we know that our platform is built for scale.

All this experience makes it easier for you to translate your product listings and all go-to-market material with peace of mind, knowing that your product descriptions for your entire range can be localized professionally and with quick turnarounds.

WordsOnline Process:

There is a one-time set-up for the customer and the linguists on the account, after which, the following process occurs:

  1. Customer uploads the content to be translated
  2. Online linguists can claim work and start immediately to post edit neural machine translation text.
  3. As sections of work are completed, it’s automatically sent for independent quality review.
  4. Once the review is done and quality checked. The client automatically receives their translation.

WordsOnline is a feature-rich platform that uses AI and Neural Machine Translation to go global faster and to continuously publish your multi-lingual content. 

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