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The Advantages Of A Translation Subscription Service

If you want to grow your business internationally, you need a trusted translation partner. With WordsOnline’s unique translation subscription service, you can easily access faster, high-quality translations.

The Advantages Of A Translation Subscription Service

Go Global Faster

WordsOnline’s AI-powered translations can help your business connect with consumers in their language to boost your online sales, enter new markets, reach new audiences, and strengthen your brand internationally. We have been helping companies across all industries to tackle their language and communication challenges since 1994.

But don’t just take our word for it! We have supported our client MediaPRO, an award-winning training provider in cybersecurity and data privacy, for 10 years – with translations into 42 languages in 2020 alone. 

MediaPRO Senior Director of Professional Services Jennifer Wraspir said: “the [combination of] pricing, the use of machine memory, WordsOnline platform, efficient processes, and how [Jonckers] respond to our inquiries and urgent needs, all came together for us to show that partnership is solid.” 

We have helped MediaPRO localise their products, breaking down language barriers and making it possible for the business to expand into different markets. Over the years, we have created and maintained translation memories that now bring MediaPRO noticeable savings in time, effort, and money. 

A Cost-Efficient Solution

WordsOnline offers highly competitive pricing for our global translation with our subscription-based translation model. We offer several pricing options for our subscription service: starter, pro, and enterprise. Each level accommodates for different budgets and is designed to suit every volume and customisation requirement, meaning any sized enterprise can upload and manage their translations in a trusted, secure, and transparent way. 

Our subscriptions are priced at €999 for our starter subscription and €1,999 for our pro package. You can order translations of any type during the month and your package includes free machine translation credits. Plus, you will receive a free month if you sign up and pay for a yearly subscription. With our enterprise package, you can design a personalised translation subscription. 

If you only require translations on an ad-hoc basis, you can order instant translations with our pay-as-you-go option. If you choose this option, you will pay for each translation at a rate of €0.08 per word. Whether you are looking for a one-off translation or require high-volume translations, with our variety of pricing options WordsOnline has the right solution. You can view our pricing options here

AI-Powered and Human-Refined Quality

With WordsOnline, you get the best of both AI and human language experts.

Our continuous self-learning neural machine translation network scans and prepares your file for translation. Then our global network of certified linguists reviews every word.

All our linguists undergo a three-step training and certification process, and our quality teams use integrated insight technology to monitor all aspects of quality control to train our linguists and ensure reliable and consistent performance.

While keeping humans in the loop, we ensure quality with less time and effort than traditional translations. Once your translation is complete, your file is automatically delivered.

Find out more about how it works by reading some of our case studies here!


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