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Student life at Jonckers

Student Program – life at Jonckers – Tereza’s story

Student life at Jonckers

What inspired you to work for us?

It sounded like an attractive opportunity to work for Jonckers. It was exactly what I was looking for, as I wanted to gain new skills and experience in project management.

Tereza Slamova
Tereza Slamova, Student at Brno Univerity of Technology and Working at Jonckers – WordsOnline.

What are you studying and where?

I am currently studying Management Informatics at Brno University of Technology. This is my final year of bachelor’s degree and after that I plan to continue with follow-up master’s degree.

How does your study fit in working with us?

My field of study deals with large spectrum of areas, which include information security, programming, business intelligence, economics, marketing, project management etc. My field of study is very broad, but it can be applied extensively in practice. Personally, in my recent work experience as a Project Coordinator, I mainly applied my knowledge from project management and data analysis in this role.

How do you feel you have benefited from your experience here?

I find very useful when you work closely with someone who is way more experienced than you. By work shadowing and simply being free to ask questions, you can learn a lot. In the Project Management department, we work in teams and each member is inspiring in their own way. I feel I’ve learnt something different from everyone in the team.

What challenges have you overcome?

The biggest challenge for me was definitely working in different time zone during summer holidays when I had to wake up before 5 AM every work day, because is really hard to stay focused all the time and do your job to 100% when you are tired. But I am grateful for every challenge I have faced in my life because it makes me stronger person and I gain a new useful experience or skill.

What are you most proud of?

As a small child, I used to have an issue with shyness and communication. It’s hard to overcome this and I feel it’s obvious in some work situations. Working as a Project Coordinator where communication with your team members and suppliers is on daily basis helped me to overcome this obstacle. It made me more confident in my abilities and also showed me that communication with people is actually something that I really enjoy.

How have you felt working with the Jonckers team?

At Jonckers it is a friendly environment. I really enjoy working with the people there because they are always very kind, supportive and helpful. Having a pleasant working team is one of the most important things because it makes your job more enjoyable.

What is the work environment like?

As a Project Coordinator I work in the Project Management department. In this department we all work in teams. It is said that team is as strong as its weakest member. For this reason, its strength is due to our team members constant communication, support and help. It is the right way to be successful in reaching common goals.

How much support have you received?

As I mentioned before, at Jonckers company I have only positive experience with people. They always help me when I need it and sometimes even more than I asked for. It is important to support each other in a team so that the team will be successful whenever it comes to reaching its goals.

What are your future plans?

My number one priority is to successfully complete university. But if I should think about work goals, I personally think that everyone should do what fills them with pleasure and work where they have a natural interest. In my case this is the area of project management. My skills are constantly improving, so I look forward to applying to work more in this area in the future.

Brno University of Technology Promotional video for prospective students.

Would you recommend other students to work with us and why?

In my opinion it is very important to gain work experience during university because personal experience from practice is something that you cannot learn in classes. Jonckers is an ideal company for students because it offers work in a friendly environment, improving your knowledge of English, whilst gaining a lot of new useful experiences and even has flexible working times. Jonckers also offers opportunity for students to write their final thesis, which is another big advantage that I have personally benefited from.


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