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Sitrion Leverages JONCKERS for Translation of Enterprise Social Software

Sitrion Leverages JONCKERS for Translation of Enterprise Social Software

Denver, CO –January 21, 2015 – Sitrion has partnered with JONCKERS to deliver their enterprise social collaboration product on a global scale. Sitrion’s mission, to unlock the power of connected people, can operate on a global scale thanks to the technology of JONCKERS, an innovator in the localization services space.

Sitrion’s customer base has a large international dimension, and Sitrion’s Social solutions enable collaboration across language and culture. Working with JONCKERS means that the Sitrion Social product can be localized at release into every language Sitrion needs. Because Sitrion’s teams don’t need to worry about how their products will become market ready, they can focus on creating and evolving the world’s best infrastructure for social collaboration.

“Our customers are investing in the way employees work across the globe and the reliance on multiple languages is key. JONCKERS is helping us to ensure that our product not only meets language specifications but is truly localized to support the global environment in which our customers operate.” said Brian Kellner, CTO, Sitrion.

Software localization has always been one of our cornerstone services,” said David Ashton, Chief Revenue Officer at JONCKERS. “For Sitrion, JONCKERS is managing the localization of the software with comprehensive linguistic and functional testing requirements for each release. Sitrion’s Social product drives collaboration on any device, consolidating and integrating data from sources such as SharePoint. Driving a sim-ship strategy across devices and platforms is exactly the type of challenge we are used to.”


JONCKERS provides customized solutions for global adaptation – across linguistic, cultural, and technical dimensions of global market preparation. With tailor made technology and service packages, JONCKERS can help meet the needs of your specific business. To learn more visit JONCKERS.

About Sitrion

At Sitrion, we help employees to get their job done better every day. In a complex enterprise world, we enable an engaged workforce to stay connected, make smart decisions and be productive www.sitrion.com.


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