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Localizing Liquor – Drinks from around the world

Localizing Liquor – Drinks from around the world

While we may be in the month of January which sees most people trying to ditch the booze we thought we’d share some drinks that are celebrated globally. Take it as a chance to get those taste buds tantalized in time for a tipple in February with our Localizing Liquor blog!

Cuba – The Mojito

The cocktail every mixologist has their own spin on, this popular drink is now enjoyed worldwide. Whether you opt for the minty classic or take a leap in to the unknown with a strawberry or blueberry mojito-mashup, this summery favourite is a winner all year round. Named after a Cuban seasoning, it is said to have been invented in Havana, however some argue the exact origin, stating the concoction is rumored to have been created in honor of Sir Francis Drake after his successful raid of Cartagena de Indias. Whatever version of the story you believe, the Cuban’s, like the rest of world, have taken this tongue teasing tipple to their hearts.

France – Champagne

Dubbed ‘the diamond drink’ of the world because of its expensive price tag and exuberant audience. This extravagant beverage originates from the region of Champagne in France and while many sparkling alternatives are available, Champagne will forever remain exclusively produced in this region. Primarily designed as the drink of choice for the upper-classes across the world, a bottle of ‘fizz’ has become an iconic must have for celebrations, from weddings to F1 success, Champagne is a timeless glass of class to get excited about, no matter what you are celebrating.

Spain – Sangria

Next in our Localizing Liquor list is a perfect splash of Spanish sunshine to share. This sweet wine punch is the go-to, easy to make summer refreshment, enjoyed around the world. All you need is some cheap red wine, add a selection of your five-a-day fruit serving to a jug, ice cubes, paper umbrellas are optional and you have the perfect poolside punch to help you and your friends and family cool down.

Japan – Sake

Also known as Japanese rice wine, this potent yet popular drink is mostly served at ceremonial events, usually in a small porcelain bottle called a tokkuri, and drank from a small porcelain cup called a sakazuki. Sake is an extremely versatile spirit and can be served cool, hot or room temperature depending on your mood or meal.

Russia / Poland – Vodka

Depending on what source you choose to believe, Russia and Poland both lay claim to having distilled vodka. Some historians say the spirit can be traced as far back as the 8th century as a distillation of wine. What we do know is it has definitely been produced since the Middle Ages and the word ‘wodka’ referred to chemical compounds such as cosmetic cleaners or medicinal concoctions. Nowadays vodka is the primary base for many a cocktail around the world; Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary and many more, but if you are a traditionalist, it is to be drank neat…feel the burn!

Global – Red Wine

Enjoyed by all ages around the world, the classic bottle of rouge is made with the finest fermented grapes and is a party pleaser, dinner drink and social serving everyone can appreciate! And who do we have to thank for this glorious beverage? The Georgians. Yes it is believed that the region which is now named Eurasia is credited with the first ever wine production over 8,000 years ago!

We hope you enjoyed our Jonckers Localizing Liquor blog. Wherever you are in the world, whatever tipple tingles your taste-buds, drink responsibly and have a good time.

Written by : Beth Zarkhosh – Marketing Assistant

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