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Jonckers SOS Children’s Village Vietnam Ambassadors

Jonckers SOS Children’s Village Vietnam Ambassadors

SOS Children’s Village Vietnam Ambassadors

Jonckers is very proud to announce that we are now key sponsors and ambassadors for the SOS Children’s Village Vietnam. This fantastic children’s crisis charity, set up in 1949 in Austria, is now operative in 134 countries. We chose Vietnam because of the connection we have with the country and the people there. Our Hanoi office is a huge and integral part of our Jonckers family.

Our aim is to assist and contribute towards securing loving and safe homes for the children of Hanoi who aren’t as lucky as our own. We will be a big part of the development of many children over the course of our partnership with SOS and are very privileged and honoured to be part of such a worthy organisation. Our affinity with Vietnam and Hanoi has driven us to want to give back to a country that has been so vital to the successes of our business. Our multi-talented, multilingual team in Vietnam will act as contact points for the charity and we hope that on some level, we can change the lives of these children for the better.

Village Vietnam Ambassadors

Jonckers Promise…

We share the values and vision of this amazing organisation and are so excited to be able to be a part of the work they are doing over the coming months and years.

The Vision
Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security.

The Mission
We build families for children in need, we help them shape their own futures, and we share in the development of their communities.

Shared Values
Courage – We take action.
Commitment – We keep our promises.
Trust – We believe in each other.
Accountability – We are reliable partners.

For more information about the amazing work this charity does visit: sos-childrensvillage.org


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