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International Day Of Happiness

International Day Of Happiness

It is Spring Equinox, a time for us all to start looking forward to warmer weather and lighter nights. Surely we can start counting down the days to t shirt and shorts weather and enjoying strolls on the beach or barbecue evening meals? Thoughts that bring a smile to our faces, coincidentally, the same day as International Day of Happiness 2018. A day of celebrating all things ‘happy’. But which countries are the happiest in the world? We take a look at the top 5 happiest locations across the globe.

5. Switzerland

Home of chocolate, cheese and precision timepieces, whats not to love about this country? From the Alps to Zurich the way of life the Swiss adopt gives them a real uniqueness. 65% of the country is covered by the mountainous beauty of the Alpines. Music, culture and waking up to nature with an endless supply of coco treats and over 450 varieties of delicious dairy treats, its hard to see how anyone could be unhappy in this idyllic part of the world.

4. Iceland

The smallest country on the list, the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ is home to only 335,000 people… there are more unhappy people live in London than the whole of Iceland! This stunning little country has embraced the hand it has been dealt. While volcanoes seem a scary prospect to most of us, Iceland has adapted to the natural fury of these fiery beasts and now 85% of the country is powered using renewable resources volcanoes, with half of this energy being geothermal. These clean living viking descendants enjoy naked dips in hot springs, rounds of midnight golf during 24 hour days of sunlight and bucket loads of natural yogurt, easy to see why this way of living would put a smile on your face.

3.  Denmark

In a country where employment stands at 75% and some of the worlds most famous brands originated (and still produce there) its easy to understand how people here lead a more stable existence knowing there is work and structure. However the country has one of the highest tax rates in the world, but this doesn’t dampen the Danes spirits. Land of Lego and Carlsberg, the people of Denmark have ranked on the World Database of Happiness for years now. Their famous work-life balance has been attributed to the countries overall happiness, with a large proportion of the country adopting a 4 day working week… I know we’d be happy with that!

2. Norway

Another Scandinavian entrant into the top 5 list. The Nordic way of life is revered globally and they have topped the United Nations Human Development Index ten times in the last 12 years. Their education system is impeccable and this mountainous, yet coastal country has everything from skiing to sailing on offer for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The men in Norway, in particularly fathers, are especially happy! Pappapermisjon (paternity leave) allows Nordic men a 10 week leave of absence when their child is born, with most men taking an average of 12 weeks. Family time in such a beautiful environment is enough to bring a smile to anyone.

1. Finland

Topping the list for the worlds happiest countries is Finland. This country only houses 5.5 million people, but what may seem minute in size, is big in personality. The most sparsely populated country in the EU, Finland offers an abundance of space for its people. Beautiful nature reserves, lakes and forests are some of the countries most loved attractions. Home to the indigenous people of Scandinavia, The Sami, who speak ten or more languages from the Uralic group which incorporates parts of Swedish, Finnish, Nordic and even Russian dialect.


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