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Executive Assistants’ Guide To Easy Quick And Hassle-Free Translation

As an executive assistant, you have a million and one tasks to be handling at any given moment, so when you’re given a file to be translated, you need it taken care of – fast.

Executive Assistants' Guide To Easy Quick And Hassle-Free Translation

Jonckers’ Translate Now instant ordering service is an executive assistant’s best friend; it offers speed, efficiency, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and complete transparency. You can order and pay for your translation in just four easy steps:

  1. Upload your file
  2. Select the required language/s
  3. Choose your service level
  4. Pay online

It’s simply a case of upload, relax, repeat!

What do you gain from Translate Now?

Access to a Trusted, Secure, AI-Powered Translation Platform with Human Review

Translate Now is powered through Jonckers’ proprietary, AI-powered translation platform, WordsOnline. Your content first undergoes neural machine translation and is then post-edited by our network of expertly trained linguists.

By combining machine translation with human review, we can offer the speed and agility of AI with the quality and authenticity of the human eye.

Quotes Available Immediately

Our instant quoting system is a breath of fresh air; there’s no more need to jump through hoops to get a quote for your translation!

All you have to do is upload your file and select the language(s) it needs to be translated into, and we will generate a quote instantly.

Translations Returned at Lightning Speed

WordsOnline automates all possible manual tasks, so our turnaround time is as quick as can be. WordsOnline is actually 5 times faster than the traditional, step-by-step model followed in the industry!

Cost-Effective Access to Translation As A Service

When it comes to translation, you get what you pay for. With the right translation tool, you get the best of both worlds: balancing high-quality at great prices, ensuring that your organization gets the best value for money.

Translate Now offers four pricing options – Basic, Standard, Enterprise, and Premium – and we‘ll recommend which option you should choose based on your content type. Our Basic option (machine translation-only) costs as little as €0.005 per word.

Hassle-Free, Smooth Online Process, Without Emailing Back and Forth

We understand that executive assistants don’t have time to go back and forth emailing translation vendors, and we most definitely don’t want you struggling to send or receive large attachments!

That’s why our system is entirely digital—just upload your document and once the translation is complete, you can download it from your WordsOnline dashboard.

Full transparency

Don’t worry – once you’ve paid, we don’t just abandon you! In your WordsOnline account, you can stay on top of your project status, analyze KPIs, and track progress in real time, thanks to our fully transparent dashboards.

Complete customization

Whatever the content you need to translate – a presentation, a webinar, internal communications, marketing collateral, technical documentation – you name it, we translate it.

In WordsOnline, you can select from 13 different content types, 4 service levels, and from 40 different languages. We know that each translation project comes with its own specific requirements, so our system is entirely flexible and can be customized to your needs with each order.


With no hidden fees or minimum spend, you will only pay for what you need and nothing more.

Finished Translations Delivered by Email and on Your Dashboard

Finally, once the translations have been completed, you can choose to download them either straight from your dashboard or via email.

Don’t Wait to Translate!

Transform translation from a long, cumbersome project into a simple case of upload, relax, repeat, thanks to WordsOnline. We do the hard work, so you have one less thing to worry about. Get started and translate now.


Change the way you translate!

Upload your documents to WordsOnline and pay online for a fast, simple service. 10% discount on your first order

We will help you transition to the new world of continuous localization!