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e-Learning Localization Benefits

eLearning Localization Benefits

e-Learning Localization

Its no secret or surprise that there has been a significant rise in the popularity of electronic learning materials globally in 2017. With smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly more efficient and effective in the e-Learning industry, international learning and training content and material is in demand now more than ever.

You will probably all remember your foreign language textbooks from high school and how dated and dull they were right? Basic generic phrases, awful accompanying graphics… Well, the most recent crop of knowledge-hungry millennials have no such worries.  Fresh, interactive rich content is being produced daily for today’s student population. The spike in multilingual learning content seems never-ending as technology continues to evolve and become more accessible and affordable. Studies show that in 2017 social sharing of e-Learning documents and links increased by 73% across the world! This means that no matter what your location or language, education and information is now right there at your fingertips.

Best Practices for e-Learning Translation

There are a number of best practice guides on the web, some are expansive and drill into minute detail, however, we find the best advice we can give is keep it simple! e-Learning is a competitive industry and to ensure maximum exposure you need to do the basics right…

  • Make your message loud, clear and accurate.
  • Ensure quality output, with correct localization relevant and adapted to your targeted locale.
  • Don’t be confined by literal translation; transcreation services can vastly improve your content communication and ensure your message, whilst maintaining its core meaning and values, is communicated in words that appeal to your audience/user.
  • Consider cultural content to ensure sensitive material is vetoed per locale.
  • Make your content appealing and worth sharing…

Best Practices for eLearning Translation

It doesn’t take much to generate good, accurate content and with a reputable language service provider with the correct resources. The key to businesses expanding their reach and maintaining that growth is ensuring they deliver quality and accuracy to their target market, whether in text, video or online format, a dependable and proven lsp will deliver these results for you.

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