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Cloud Translation – Breaking out of your cloud

We’re easily oblivious to lots of global content, simple as we only see results and pages in the languages we search in. This may seem obvious, and it is, once you think about it, but it may not be something you’ve ever considered, especially if your native language is English.

Cloud Translation - Breaking out of your cloud

I know I didn’t think about it until I started to use more than one language in my personal and professional spheres. Only then did I start to notice how the information I could find, differed according to the which language I was using to research.

“Back when the internet first gained traction in the late 1990’s, about 80% of the pages were in English.”

Discover more interesting facts as you consider the way in which technology and language evolve. Get a fresh cup of tea and learn some more about this amazing world we live in.


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