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Continuous Delivery with WordsOnline

Continuous Delivery with WordsOnline

Continuous delivery is a hot topic in the localization arena. Customer needs have evolved over recent years and the need for accuracy has become an expectation more than a desire. It is speed that is now the most wanted attribute from a prospective LSP. Clients are requesting communication to market faster than ever, so the need for a continuous delivery business model is now key in meeting these demands.

Jonckers has established a tried and tested strategy, assisted by self-developed technology and a vast resource pool. These elements combined allow for delivery times to be met quicker and more efficiently. By using our own systems and processes, we can assess, process, monitor, quality assure and deliver content in one continuous workflow. Waiting for pass back of content from linguists, or delays on QA are now a thing of the past. Jonckers cloud based management tool WordsOnline, allows clients to instantly access all the resources and tools they need, to facilitate a rapid turnaround of translation.

How It Works…

Jonckers established this continuous method of working was key in maintaining a strong standing in the industry a while back now. Since identifying the need clients now have for almost ‘real time’ results, we have been hard at work developing tools and methods to make this concept a reality. By bringing to life a platform that uses cloud and NMT technology, Jonckers has built something unrivalled in the industry. Couple the technology with our vast resource pool and we have ‘Uberized’ the localization process.

Think about ordering an Uber or any other app / platform based instant service. We took that idea and adapted it to fit our industry. Clients can log in and place a request, just like ordering a ride. They upload their project and our resource pool (or drivers as they would be for Uber) claim the project and process. The beauty of this is the project can be broken into strings, mini projects, allowing multiple linguists to claim sections and feedback upon completion. This speeds up the process significantly. All the while our handy Dashboard function allows the client to monitor progress, status reports and ultimately results. It’s the fastest most efficient way of localizing there is. Our Quality Assurance resources then proof and approve and deliver back to the client for use.

Why Use WordsOnline…

For us, speed is imperative in maintaining an advantage. Not just for us, but for our customers. Faster product launches, marketing comms, time to market gives our partners an edge on their competitors. That is why we recommend WordsOnline as a tool for those of you looking to become more competitive in your industry. But we know, becoming the fastest doesn’t mean becoming the best, that is why we support our systems with accredited human resources, quality analysis, post-editing and guaranteed delivery times. WordsOnline is an all encompassing platform that is already revolutionizing how content is processed. Any file type, anytime, anywhere in the world. 24/7 coverage for our clients language needs.

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