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We deliver efficient, high-quality translations using the power of AI with a network of translators, for the human touch. Since 1994 Jonckers has been an innovator in fast, cost-effective translation.

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Accredited Language Experts

If you’re planning to expand your business into China or any of other regions where Cantonese is spoken, you will have to translate and localize your communication to best reach the audience. At Jonckers, we have a network of top Cantonese translators who can help you realize this. Our translators are all accredited language experts in Cantonese. They not only understand the cultural nuances of the language and the various regions it’s spoken in, but also the people who live in these regions and the prevalent business etiquettes.

Systematic Approach

The decision to assign translators to work on your content isn’t arbitrary. Whatever the project, if it’s getting your whole website translated or just a part of it. We follow a highly systematic and technical powered process of assigning translators to your content. Each translator is first provided training, they are then tested and finally certified to work on your content. What this means is that the group of translators are experts in Cantonese translation, they’re the best in localizing the content and have in-depth knowledge about the industry.

Translation and Localisation

Our endeavor to deliver the most accurate, localized and consistent translated content doesn’t end with assigning the best translators to work on the content. Our in-house online translation platform, WordsOnline tracks the progress made and any content it perceives to be high risk is flagged for further quality assessment. High-risk content in this context means content that’s most likely to be mistranslated. You can see our proven quality translation services available through Jonckers.

Why you need professional translators

Cantonese is one of subgroups of Chinese and is the standard variety of Yue Chinese. Cantonese is spoken mostly in the province of Guangdong in Southeastern China. The city of Guangzhou is the capital of the province, one of the most populous city in South China and one of the most prominent centers of Cantonese. Outside of mainland China, Cantonese is one of the primary and official languages in Hong Kong and Macau. 

In fact, Hong Kong Cantonese is a distinct dialect of Cantonese spoken both in Hong Kong and Macau. In its current avatar, Hong Kong Cantonese includes a number of foreign terminology as well as set of terms specific to Hong Kong, which differentiates it from the Cantonese spoken in Guangdong. 

There are several differences in pronunciation between the two, there are phrases and expressions unique to Hong Kong Cantonese and Hong Kong Cantonese includes a number of loanwords from English, Japanese and French.

Cantonese (or one of its dialects) is also widely spoken in Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore and to a lesser extent in Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia. 

In most of these countries, especially in Malaysia and Singapore, there’s a thriving ethnic Chinese community that speaks Cantonese. You can also get professional Malaysian translation with Jonckers, as well as most other languages.

This is especially true of Malaysia and to a lesser extent, in Singapore. The Chinese communities in the United States and Canada predominantly speak Cantonese as well. The same holds true for the Chinese communities in the United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Australia.

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