Jonckers acclaimed most reliable language translation solution provider 2020

Jonckers: Bringing advances in the translation industry with Artificial Intelligence

IndustryWired have recently compiled the language service industries top 10 most reliable language translation solution providers for 2020 and Jonckers scored top marks.

During an in-depth interview with Silke Zschweigert, CEO of Jonckers, They managed to discover the key to automation and intelligent application of AI with human review as setting the foundations for success. 

Zschweigert stated “We combing Machine Intelligence with our strong human multilingual community to enable companies to go global faster and to be in all markets at the same time.”

JONCKERS was cited as “optimizing the language services industry
with innovative strategies in order to deliver quality translation at scale. “

 The company’s AI-powered platform combines the efficiency of the machine with human intelligence and helps companies to become extremely fast and efficient in their localization processes.

JONCKERS is also helping global enterprises to move away from step-by-step translation to a continuous publishing workflow.

JONCKERS’ solutions are especially suitable for SMEs and enterprise customers from the eCommerce, IT, Travel, Manufacturing and Automotive Industries. They typically have high volume content that requires agile and continuous translation/publishing in many languages.

JONCKERS mission is to remove language as a barrier through its 
AI-enabled platform and a managed multilingual community.

Optimizing Industry with Innovative Strategies JONCKERS’ solutions are driven by market dynamics and requirements.

The internet has given the company access to more content than ever before and global consumers are accessing this content and buying products when the content is available in their own language. However, budgets and time are limited, which means most businesses need to carefully decide which markets to enter first and plan gradually.

JONCKERS always asks its customers, “What if you could be in all markets at the same time?”

With its platform and industry experience, Silke believes that JONCKERS has the potential to grow exponentially by onboarding more customers, additional LSPs, and more language talents onto the platform. Despite its competitive pricing, the company is able to achieve healthy margins. This remains a focus as it is also important for JONCKERS’ future growth and continuous investment in innovation and technology.


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About Jonckers and WordsOnline 

  • Jonckers was established in 1994 as a privately owned language services provider.
  • In 2015 the company developed a cloud-based AI platform called WordsOnline, created to reduce cost and translate big volumes, within a small timeframe.
  • Jonckers has a curated, trained and managed multilingual community that can scale in size, domain knowledge and skills. 
  • It deploys these global resources to support companies that are going global or require multilingual expertise.