Jonckers Service Offering


At JONCKERS, we help our customers stay at the forefront of their industry by syncing our vision and passion for localization with our  innovative and ever developing market service offerings. Technology excites us and making our contribution to new software and systems allows us to invest time and resource into game-changing solutions, where our people and processes combine to generate, quality, state-of-the-art results.

For more information of how our full range of technology service offerings could help your business, please follow the links to the technology PDF’s below.

What is WordsOnline?

WordsOnline is a state of the art cloud-based localization management system by Jonckers. Built with the 4 key pillars and integrated with Jonckers Cloud Foundation, this platform has been developed with the vision to deliver translation any word, any time and any place.

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What is Jonckers Voice?

JONCKERS Voice is the voice talent portal that hosts a catalogue of voiceover samples, enabling customers to select the ideal voice to suit their project.

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What is Jonckers Dashboard?

JONCKERS Dashboard is a web application that translates customer business critical information into intuitive pivot charts and KPIs. Jonckers Dashboard enables our customers to have 360° business insight on the status of their projects and accounts. It also serves as a reference for future business decisions.

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What is Jonckers NMT?

Neural MT is a fast evolving, innovative technology that enables machines to learn and to translate through an artificial neural network. Neural MT translates whole sentences at a time, rather than piece by piece. This allows the engine to use the broader context to select the most relevant translation, which it then rearranges to correct the grammar. Consequently, NMT provides an easier to read output as each sentence is more understandable.

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What is Jonckers Marketplace?

JONCKERS Marketplace is an integral part of Jonckers’ WordsOnline Translation Platform. It enables our customers of access to our LTS service (Language Talent Sourcing), in which we give access to a selected pool of free-lance translators and linguists who can work directly for our customers.

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