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Global consumers prefer to
browse, shop and interact in their own language

The challenges of online global retail

Online retail businesses have vast portfolios of product ranges, which are constantly updated and expanded. In order to sell products the supporting product descriptions and videos as well as customer support information increases the volume of digital content more than ever. Appealing marketing campaigns to entice new business across all channels from social media to online campaigns, also need to speak to their audience in their language.

Your range needs to be clearly communicated, easy to find to lead to faster returns, fewer discounted offerings and fatter profile margins. If you have insufficient product descriptions you’re likely to be left with unwanted surpluses and margin-killing market downs or worse, customers who decide to click away and shop elsewhere. Online brands stay strong through their ease of use, attractiveness of recommendations and their tone of voice and personality.

Are you struggling with high volumes of product descriptions for eCommerce?

Discover how WordsOnline was created for Amazon’s demanding translation schedule of millions of words a week.
If they can conquer translation at scale, so can you!

“Yet a marketers reach is always restricted, as consumers only search, read, watch, consume and shop in a language they can understand…”

Watch our eCommerce video below to see how your global eCommerce challenges can be overcome with WordsOnline!

Localized Content is king: CSA Research found that roughly 72% of all internet users prefer consuming content in their native language. Even among those with high English proficiency, more than 60% prefer content in their native language. Imagine what that does for your sales conversions….

CSA Research

Localization of a growing range of online content is key to reach new audiences

Every successful online retailer from Amazon to Ebay knows that every new translation and localisation opens the opportunity of sales from a new market or region. Yet, as marketing and translation budgets are limited, businesses must carefully decide in which markets and in which languages they will focus their efforts..  But what if you could be in all markets, at the same time?

Right now, content translations are often managed on different digital systems and across multiple departments. Most translations use a tedious, manual step-by-step process, which is disconnected, time-consuming and relatively expensive.

It is time to leave the step-by-step process and move to a continuous publishing and localisation approach that is fully automated, data-driven and continuous with a fully integrated language community.

What does that mean for localisation of product descriptions and online e-retail content?

Jonckers’s Cloud AI platform WordsOnline can help you create all your digital content in multiple languages quickly and efficiently. Allowing you to enter new markets faster, deliver multi-lingual campaigns, increase global sales and create new customer loyalty, across the globe.

WordsOnline is the only end-to-end localization platform that manages all translations for any type of content, in any language across all media, in the cloud. It combines Neural Machine Translation and Translation Memory technology with an AI-empowered translation community. It provides control, transparency and scalability. In essence, WordsOnline allows you to go global faster, to all markets at the same time, by combining the strength of AI cloud platform, Neural Machine Translation and the brains of our global linguistic community. 

Why should you work with us?

We’ve worked with the largest and best global brands in e-retail for over two decades. Sharing in their global brand development and helping global sales through our optimised localisation process. Our localisation techniques with WordsOnline allow you the scalability at low cost, to grow your business successfully. For some of our retail businesses we are responsible for localising millions of words per week, to ensure they can grow as ambitiously as they want.

What can we offer?

  • 25+ years of localisation experience
  • Market-leading, innovative, cost-saving and time-saving AI platform WordsOnline
  • Ability to allow multiple-linguists to translate concurrently around the world
  • Our follow-the-sun methodology means there is always a contact person for you 24/hours a day
  • We have translated content for the largest e-retailer in the world for over 10 years, translating up to 30 million words a month
  • Hands-on consulting, from demo through execution to high customer success

Contact us for a demo to see how we are able to reduce costs, effort and workload through our innovative AI cloud platform:

  • See how we can provide full business insight into your translations and watch our global linguistic community at work, ensuring your translations are delivered efficiently and with excellent quality standards.
  • Understand clearly how WordsOnline platform could benefit and speed up your translation process, by automatically distributing hundreds of translated strings to linguists for post-edit human review.
  • See how the Business Intelligence dashboard measures translation edit rate and quality scores.
  • Establishing your needs: During the demo we will discuss your needs, your USPs and opportunities and any obstacles you may have been facing regarding reaching new markets.
  • If you would like to work with us, we will set up your account including your Translation memory, NMT engine, terminology, branding and messaging. This will then be used to train the linguists chosen to work on your account, to ensure quality and consistency. We will also go through your brand architecture, personality, and messaging, to optimize your localisation for each market and how to establish a frame of reference for training our linguists with your content.
  • Our customer success managers will ensure that your project runs smoothly, that you are up to date at all times, have clear deadlines and understanding of all quality levels. They are there to support all of your localization processes, to ensure that all your content is localized to a high standard, quickly and efficiently.

How can we make your work even easier?

WordsOnline can integrate with a variety of platforms including (Content Management System or Website), e-commerce system, DAM (Digital Asset Management), PIM (Product Information Management) systems, Customer Service and Customer Portal. These integrations put you in control and efficiently managing all your multilingual content, irrespective of where the content is coming from or held. This also allows us to respond quicker to your translation requests. Some translations can be completed and quality reviewed within minutes of uploading. This is useful for priority turnaround content such as customer queries via portals.

We can translate from a wide variety of content types from multi-touch customer campaigns (from SEO, web content, multi-touch emails, to twitter campaigns), to technical documentation, customer support, and of course, product descriptions and promotional descriptions.

If you require most business services with regard to targeting new markets, competitive benchmarking or consultancy, please contact us and we can discuss our supportive business service

Services include:

  • Translation & Localization
  • Machine Translation
  • Product Descriptions
  • Marketing & Transcreation
  • Global SEO

Jonckers WordsOnline offers translation of product descriptions at a very competitive rate. Blending Quality Neural Machine Translation solutions with Human Review, you can be sure to provide your customers with clear product descriptions in their native language, maximizing your ROI potential at a fraction of traditional costs!

Our E-commerce Customers

Jonckers services some of the worlds biggest retail brands. Online product information, web content and brand details are key to successful sales. We promise, with the use of WordsOnline and our dedicated teams, that our partners get their content to market quicker than using traditional methods of e-commerce localization and translation.

Are you interested in more information on translating and the transcreation of your marketing assets from website to SEO, so that you can increase your marketing reach, without hurting your marketing budget? If so, please visit our marketing page.

Our Global Customers

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