Mission – Company Culture

As a Quality Manager it is your responsibility to ensure JONCKERS’ company culture shines through your day to day tasks and you contribute to the success and growth of our company. JONCKERS culture is to offer services that match our customers’ business requirements, to stand out from our competitors by providing a consistent customer experience across the board that goes beyond regular translation processes. The key is to apply continuous innovation both internally and externally and remain as profitable as possible.


The role of Quality Manager is an exciting opportunity for any localization professional from any discipline. The Quality Managers main role is to deep dive into issues that arise to find the root cause. Issues can be language or engineer quality, productivity or manpower issues.

The resolution will mean working with any production resources, or indeed the customer. There is a wide scope of powers to enable the Quality Manager to resolve the problem at an account level. The lessons learnt from the Quality Manager’s work can influence the running of the company at many levels so this is a great opportunity for someone who wants to develop into management positions.

The ideal candidate will have more than 5 years’ experience in localization in any area. Project Management experience is an advantage, but so is any team lead roles that has exposed the candidate to problem solving and issue management.


Brno Czech Republic, or Žilina, Slovakia


  • You will report to the Quality and Processes Director.
  • The Quality and Processes Director is there to support you will all tasks within this document, to help you make the right business decisions.
  • The Quality and Processes Director will manage your performance reviews and schedule regular meetings to keep up to date with account related matters, your growth, performance and progress at JONCKERS. They are there to recognize your skills and use them to benefit you and the company.

Tasks and Responsibilities

As a Quality Manager it is your responsibility, alongside the program teams monitor quality levels at a program level and resolve issues promptly and effectively.

Account Knowledge

As Quality Manager it’s your responsibility to get to know account within the following areas:

  • Key stakeholders
  • Processes
  • Organization charts, locations, competition, products, divisions, yearly budgets, success stories, issues and resolutions
  • Their business need, what are they trying to achieve through localization?
  • Overview of their industry (gaming, insurance, retail)
  • Historical data of the account
    • Keeping trackers up to date across the operational team
    • Creating reports when required by the Business Unit Director to support trend analysis areas for improvement, financial data, account management, growth and for customer convenience

Quality Management

The Quality Manager will monitor, or actively drive, the resolution of project issues.

  • Gather information of the requirements of any task
  • Understand why these requirements were not met.
    • Perform Root Cause Analysis
  • Create a Corrective Action Plan and monitor completion
  • Create a Preventative Action Plan and monitor completion
  • Create a lessons learnt report
  • Track issues over time to identify trends and create and execute action plans accordingly.


To apply: Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Please specify the position you are applying for and its location in the subject line.

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