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Full Quality Assurance

At Jonckers, quality permeates all our processes internally. It is our mission to provide our partners with fast and flexible translation services in any language and across all media. It is not possible to do this without customer satisfaction and the customers feeling in control.

We offer transparent localization services like no other, through our own in-house developed translation platform, WordsOnline, giving customers complete control and visibility over their content.

Igor Kupecek

Quality Policy Statement

Jonckers, the creator of WordsOnline, has a strong vision to enable its customers to go global, efficiently, smoothly and with minimum time to market. We intend to offer our customers the best of both worlds by combining technology with the human touch for language. This is the way we see to allow our customers the speed, quality and volume of communication to enable them to speak to each of their customers in each of their markets.

In order to achieve this, Jonckers adheres strongly to its in-house Quality Management System, which conforms to the standards of ISO 17100. This Quality process enables us to continuously improve and yet maintain high standards in all areas of business including our effective communication with our customers, our delivery of the services provided, our staff training, monitoring the delivery and quality standards of the services it provides and minimizing customer complaints by taking appropriate preventive and corrective actions.

We must include a holistic view in our approach and we recognise that the constructive comments of our partners (including agencies, linguists, translators) and customers will feed into continuous improvement.

Jonckers encourages active discussions around all our customer and supplier touchpoints. We believe that our staff should be fully supported and empowered to improve the customer relationships and advocacy through the customer and supplier life cycles. 

Vice President of Business Control – Igor Kupecek


Quality translation service

“It is our duty as a service provider to supply our partners and clients with continuous quality. Our specialist QA Team have been built and trained to do just that. Provide the end user with the best results possible. Simple.”