Innovation Through Technology


Innovation Through Technology

At JONCKERS, we help our customers stay at the forefront of their industry by syncing our vision and passion for localization with our innovative and ever developing market service offerings.

innovation through technology

Jonckers develops all of our own tech solutions in-house. We have a dedicated team of technology experts continually working on new and innovative NMT & TMS solutions to drive faster, better results for you.

Jonckers have invested heavily in developing the best tech solutions for our partners. We promise quality as standard, but in a fast paced world that demands instant results, we have built a team of experts to produce platforms and services that offer continuous delivery and great quality on demand.

Chief Technology Officer – Jack Wang

Technology excites us and making our contribution to new software and systems allows us to invest time and resource into game-changing solutions, where our people and processes combine to generate, quality, state-of-the-art results.

For more information of how our full range of technology service offerings could help your business, please follow the links to the technology PDF’s below.

what is marketplace

What Is Marketplace?