Jonckers - WordsOnline Translation Agency offices in Manchester

Welcome to our Manchester office!​

Our office here is a blend of ultra-modern glass walkways and light-rich atriums in city’s Ancoats area – formerly an industrial hub with canals and factories, now regenerating into a creative centre, with restaurants, bars and pubs aplenty (it’s been voted the 27th coolest neighbourhood to live in in the world by Time Out magazine).

Near the heart of the city, it’s near a mixture of restaurants and bars such as: Vietshak where you can get a British combo of chips/fries with roasted duck and sticky sauce!

You might catch us after work at seven brothers pub next door, with live music downstairs, great nachos and good place to go to wind down after work. If you fancy authentic pizza, also on the same square there’s Rudy’s.

A few fun facts about the city:

– A worker bee has been the symbol of Manchester for over 150 years, representing the its hard work ethic and the city as a hive of activity.
– Manchester was the workplace of legendary mathematician Alan Turing, the father of modern computing
– Manchester has been the birthplace of a huge chunk of British music history – from Oasis to Joy Division, Happy Mondays to The Stone Roses.

Finally, we cannot forget to mention that it is home to two great football clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United. With the second one having an estimated club fan base of around 659 million fans worldwide. That makes it every 10th person living in the world a fan of this club.

Our Location

+44 330-995-0640

Jactin House 24 Hood Street Ancoats Urban Village