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Our student life at Jonckers and our new CEO.

Gaming software translation

Global Gaming – The Importance of Gaming Localization and Translation Today

Games being a globalized industry means that the game itself now has to be global – and that requires localization services. Gaming localization and translation is a key part of that. It’s not just a case of making sure that the menus and the instructions are in a local language anymore – it is about localizing the whole game in concepts that make sense to the host audience. That includes subtitling or, for big-budget titles, dubbing and voice-overs and a whole new audio production assignment. It includes translating game instructions and ideas in ways that users will respond to – a meeting of the mid-point between translation and game design. Localization also includes marketing for the game as well, ensuring it is brought in front of the audience in a way that is relevant to them. These are all part of what Jonckers can provide for gaming localization services.

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Adobe Translate


Adobe’s Global Program Managers approached Jonckers to see how they could work together to deliver a localized experience for their customers. The requirements were to continuously and cost-effectively deliver an ambitiously high volume of videos with subtitles and voiceovers.

Download the case study to discover how Jonckers were able to deliver over 8,000 localized videos (with voiceovers), within 18 months.

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Linguist at Jonckers

Day in the life of a Language Analyst at JONCKERS

Language Analysts, Lucia from Žilina, Slovakia. explains the role of a language analyst at JONCKERS. “There are 6 of us, each dedicated to several accounts, providing assistance to production teams, contributing to language quality and process, being the main point of contact for any quality issues, acting as linguistic contact between JONCKERS and respective clients and much more.”

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Chongquing, one of the most dramatic office locations

You won’t be disappointed when we shine the spotlight on our Jonckers office in Chongqing.
It’s one of the largest cities in the world and has some stunning, modern architecture. The city’s size has led to it being called an 8D city – with architecture and infrastructure needed to supply the needs of an estimated 30 million people!
It’s a relatively new office for us, having been established only in 2018 with 10 employees. The local delicacy is ‘huoguo‘ – or hot-pot in English. This is a delicious meal that allows folks to gather and cook food together in a simmering pot, picking out what you want to eat. See a couple of sharing meals below, along with our team and some of the highlights of the city. 

Ahoy Brno!

Welcome to our office in Brno, Czech Republic.

Established in 2002 the offices has 28 employees and 21 students, and most importantly, Hugo the office dog.

The sunrises in Brno are beautiful, and the city, the country’s second-biggest, is an architectural gem. The city also houses the body of a dragon that was once said to terrorize the city! In reality, it’s a crocodile that had supposedly managed to find its way into the city’s rivers and began snacking on the city’s livestock. As you can tell, we decided it’s safer to have a pet that’s treated as our office dog, rather than inviting a crocodile. 

Jonckers employees Relax Zone Brno
Jonckers Office Admin Brno
path by Jonckers office Brno

Discover our offices in Žilina, Slovakia​

Žilina in Slovakia, established in February 2016 and now with 44 full-timers and 7 part-time students. A busy place!
The office is in the beautiful city centre of this historic Central European town in Andreja Hlinku Square (pictured). Although Žilina is a relatively small city, it is filled with beautiful architechture, including the Budatin Castle, which includes a 13th century interior and doubles as a museum.
Further out is the Žilina Dam, with beautiful bike rides and walking paths extending into the Slovakian countryside, eventually reaching the foothills of the Mala Fatra mountains. Now that is an office with a view!
Jonckers Zilina office

Our Zilina office in Slovakia.

Jonckers Zilinia Office

The entrance to our offices in Slovakia

Welcome to our Manchester office!​

Our office here is a blend of ultra-modern glass walkways and light-rich atriums in city’s Ancoats area – formerly an industrial hub with canals and factories, now regenerating into a creative centre, with restaurants, bars and pubs aplenty (it’s been voted the 27th coolest neighbourhood to live in in the world by Time Out magazine).

Near the heart of the city, it’s near a mixture of restaurants and bars such as: Vietshak where you can get a British combo of chips/fries with roasted duck and sticky sauce!

You might catch us after work at seven brothers pub next door, with live music downstairs, great nachos and good place to go to wind down after work. If you fancy authentic pizza, also on the same square there’s Rudy’s.

A few fun facts about the city:

– A worker bee has been the symbol of Manchester for over 150 years, representing the its hard work ethic and the city as a hive of activity.
– Manchester was the workplace of legendary mathematician Alan Turing, the father of modern computing
– Manchester has been the birthplace of a huge chunk of British music history – from Oasis to Joy Division, Happy Mondays to The Stone Roses. 

Finally, we cannot forget to mention that it is home to two great football clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United. With the second one having an estimated club fan base of around 659 million fans worldwide. That makes it every 10th person living in the world a fan of this club. 

Jonckers - WordsOnline Translation Agency offices in Manchester
Jonckers - WordsOnline Translation Agency offices in Manchester
Jonckers - WordsOnline Translation Agency offices in Manchester
Jonckers - WordsOnline Translation Agency offices in Manchester
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Jactin House, 24 Hood Street
Manchester M4 6WX


Rue du Bosquet 7
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Czech Republic
Kralovopolska 3052/139
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Namestie Andreja Hlinku 1
010 01 Žilina


Room 1,no. 29
Chongqing Fortune Financial Center
Fortune Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing


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