Chongqing team building

Chongquing, one of the most dramatic office locations

You won’t be disappointed when we shine the spotlight on our Jonckers office in Chongqing.
It’s one of the largest cities in the world and has some stunning, modern architecture. The city’s size has led to it being called an 8D city – with architecture and infrastructure needed to supply the needs of an estimated 30 million people!
It’s a relatively new office for us, having been established only in 2018 with 10 employees. The local delicacy is ‘huoguo‘ – or hot-pot in English. This is a delicious meal that allows folks to gather and cook food together in a simmering pot, picking out what you want to eat. See a couple of sharing meals below, along with our team and some of the highlights of the city. 

Our Location

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Jonckers China – Tech Room 1 no. 29 Chongqing Fortune Financial Center Fortune Avenue Yubei District Chongqing