Retail Evolution - eBook


We’re caught up in a retail frenzy, with online sales outperforming bricks and mortar. Have you taken a moment to think how all of this was made possible?.

Download the eBook to find out the raison d’etre of the retail market and how the survival of the fittest retail chain depends on their online strategy..


The digital world has more content than ever. Yet a marketer’s reach is always restricted by the reach of their language engagement and their budgets. But what if you could be in all markets, at the same time?

Most translations use a tedious, manual step-by-step process, which is disconnected, time-consuming, and relatively expensive.

With over 25 years of experience in language services, Jonckers have developed an AI cloud platform, called WordsOnline. This AI platform uses a continuous publishing and localization approach that is fully automated, data-driven, with a fully integrated language community. WordsOnline is the end-to end localization platform that combines Neural Machine Translation technology with an AI-empowered translation community to provide control, transparency, and scalability and ultimately, to global faster and in budget.

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