Adobe localizes over 8,000 videos with JONCKERS- Case Study


Adobe’s Global Program Managers approached Jonckers to see how they could work together to deliver a localized experience for their customers. The requirements were to  continuously and cost-effectively deliver an ambitiously high volume of videos with subtitles and voiceovers.

Download the case study to discover how Jonckers were able to deliver over 8,000 localized videos (with voiceovers), within 18 months.

Adobe video cost-saving localization
Adobe and Jonckers 6 million words translated
Adobe and Jonckers 20 years

Adobe Experience League

Jonckers are proud to have been working with Adobe for over 20 years. Approximately 18 months ago, we onboarded Adobe Experience League.

The localization for Adobe Experience League is managed by Giulia Dugo, the International Experience Manager who describes it as: “the hub of the Adobe Enterprise e-learning. This is a cloud-based learning platform that is giving access to a vast library of learning content and courses, with personalized recommendations and is connecting a vibrant community of fellow learners.”

Adobe Experience league


The digital world has more content than ever. Yet a marketer’s reach is always restricted by the reach of their language engagement and their budgets. But what if you could be in all markets, at the same time?

Most translations use a tedious, manual step-by-step process, which is disconnected, time-consuming, and relatively expensive.

With over 25 years of experience in language services, Jonckers have developed an AI cloud platform, called WordsOnline. This AI platform uses a continuous publishing and localization approach that is fully automated, data-driven, with a fully integrated language community. WordsOnline is the end-to end localization platform that combines Neural Machine Translation technology with an AI-empowered translation community to provide control, transparency, and scalability and ultimately, to global faster and in budget.

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