This is the second in our series of ‘Meet the Team’ blog posts. This week we are highlighting the work of one of our Business Managers to give you an insight into the everyday work they do to ensure we produce only the best results for our clients. Their role is vital to ensure we maintain high standards and provide quality service to new and existing partners. To tell us more, we interviewed Joe Williams, UK Business Development Manager.

How long have you been at Jonckers?
I joined Jonckers last year and have loved every minute, its been hard work and very interesting so far.


Can you please describe your role and responsibilities…
As Business Development Manager at Jonckers, I am responsible for establishing and maintaining customer relationships. Part of my role is to ensure the client receives quality output and that we apply all the relevant service offerings to match their requirements. I am the first point of contact when clients are requesting new projects and it is my job to follow the progress of these through the entire process from initiation to delivery.


Some of my Key Responsibilities:
• Representing Jonckers at key industry events
• Acting as a conduit between the client and our production teams
• Drive complex negotiations and provide client support
• Identifying and on-boarding partners
• Providing knowledge to our clients about industry advancements and new service offerings from Jonckers


In your time with Jonckers what have you seen as an industry trend?
Customer conversations tend to revolve around the desire for quicker, more efficient translation and a more transparent service. Luckily we have predicted these market needs here at Jonckers and as a response have created and applied customized technologies such as MT (machine translation) engines and our unique dashboard to respond to the demands of our clients.


What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing Business Managers in todays market?
Our biggest challenge as BDM’s are always our competition, whether that comes from large established providers or the ever changing landscape of localization based on the advancement in translation technology. We are also continually evolving and developing new and exciting solutions to ensure we are up there with the best in our industry. I am very proud to be working with other like minded and driven individuals in our tech and procurement teams to enable us to not only source the best in localization talent but in bringing to market great solutions that enable me to offer my clients the best service possible.
To contact Joe to discuss potential business opportunities email : [email protected]

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