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Malaysian Translation Services

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Accredited Language Experts

We prioritise customer satisfaction above everything else. So, when it comes to your content, we leave no stone unturned and no resources unused to provide you with the best in Malaysian translation quality.
For each content, we either build a crowd of translators or assign an existing team based on the very specific nature of the content. We also try to keep this process as automated as we can from start to finish so that we can deliver on the results as early as possible.

When building up our specialised team of translators, we first take them through a three-step training and certification process, which caters to the very subject nature of your content.

Each translation process is highly segmented and monitored so that the problems are tracked and easily resolved

Systematic Approach

To make the Malaysian translation process significantly easier, all of our translators use an exclusive TMS developed in house software called WordsOnline.

Simply put this helps in the content prioritisation system to make the work flow smoother. It ranks priority reviews and ensures Quality Assurances by picking content and translations in terms of key performance indicators or KPIs to ensure the best in language translation quality and service no matter the subject matter of the content.

Furthermore, it also minimises the pressure of excessive workloads by allocating contents in terms of their claims so that there is a continuous delivery process.

What this means is that our translators are much faster and much more efficient than the other translation companies out there. With us, you know you are in good hands.

Translation and Localisation

We know how important it is to get your messages across accurately when you’re translating a text into Malaysian. Words carry a lot of power, which more often than not, gets lost in translation, producing a completely different meaning and effect altogether.
So, what makes Jonkers one of the best Malaysian translation services company in the world today?

The answer is quite simple, really. We strive to make sure that we convey to your audience exactly what you originally intended to, without the loss of a single effect. Meaning formation is the most essential factor, so, not only do we have a keen eye for your content’s grammar and preposition but for the post-translation syntax and clause as well.

We’re completely transparent with our investors and potential customers. We provide a personalized dashboard for each of them to provide performance related data that anyone can keep track of.

Why you need professional translators

We cater to a variety of translation jobs. From Malaysian transcreative and voice dubbing services for in-game dialogues in video games to translations for product descriptions for the retail and e-commerce market; we have a wide range of expertise in a variety of fields!

And as the years roll by, we are diversifying in other regions of study as well to further our outreach and translation services. So, get in touch with us now!

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