International sales and distribution can be a difficult element of business to manage and get right. Companies face linguistic obstacles when promoting and marketing their products overseas, however it is not impossible with the assistance of a reputable and experienced localization specialist. This is exactly what international toy manufacturer Make It Real have done, employing the expert services of Jonckers Manchester based team. The aim is to increase exposure and reach, something they have already managed to achieve with praise from industry stalwart Hamley’s on their improved toy and game packaging.

With over 20 years experience Jonckers has global offices in Europe, Asia and the US offering translation and localization with added personal service in any language. Their follow the sun model offers round the clock contact, making them an ideal choice for a company on the up such as Make It Real. Jonckers is working closely with the start-up to assist and enable substantial growth in 2017 across the globe.

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