Our Company

Since 1994, JONCKERS has been a leading force in professional translation services and localization technologies, supporting top international brands in developing their message and global presence with speed and efficiency. Our translation service offerings cover everything required by our international customer base. Whether they need word for word professional translation, multimedia localization or accredited translators and trans-creative consultants.

For us, the customer is King and we have formulated an understanding with each of our clients to allow flexible and adaptive working methods to deliver consistent and quality work every time.

Without a personal, approachable service style, we are just another language and translation provider. Our attitude and personality is key in building and maintaining strong relationships to drive results for your business.


Your New Job

When you join the Jonckers team, you will be part of the international team responsible for one of the most critical job in Localization industry – Localization Engineering.

Localization engineers deal with many different external clients from all kinds of industries, including IT, automotive or health care. An engineer should have the knowledge, skills and experience to deal with different types of source files, starting with Microsoft Word and Excel to complicated structured and mixed formats.

You’ll be responsible for content analysis for quotation purposes, preparation of the content for translation, and also it’s finalization once the translation is completed. This key role includes quality assurance and final delivery to client.

Due to the nature of the job, you will be always working with a team of people, including other engineers, DTP/multimedia specialist and Project Managers.

Localization engineering is a very important job in the localization industry, touching various stages of each project with the significant impact on service quality and costs. And you can be part of it!

Your Responsibilities:

  • Analysis of the documents intended for translation
  • Conversion of the documents into localizable format
  • Back-conversion from localizable format into final document
  • Quality assurance, testing and bug fixing
  • Preparation of final deliveries
  • Status reporting

Required Skills

  • Good knowledge of various file formats, starting from MS Office document, through HTML to XML, JSON
  • Knowledge of a scripting language like Powershell or Python
  • Knowledge of CAT tools like Trados Studio
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Strong focus on details and quality
  • English is essential (reading, writing)
  • Experience in testing would be an advantage
  • Good communication skills, both written and oral