At Jonckers we aim to continually develop relationships with our clients, part of this development process is to build complete trust, in our processes and our quality. We have recently implemented our Language Champion Program with one of our valued technology clients, here to tell us more about the program and its benefits is US Business Manager Martyna.

Do you know how the need for Language Champion Program emerged?
My client had been localizing their website and marketing content for many years with one vendor however the local reviewers always felt that the translation was missing that essential local touch and did not align with the brand voice and message the client wanted to convey. On top of that, the client reviewers needed to correct linguistic issues, style and terminology guidelines that were not followed consistently by their translation provider. At times there were several reviewers or stakeholders per language that were giving their feedback about terminology, style and tone of the content. This process was difficult to manage and not efficient nor effective. In addition to the issues mentioned, the review was not a core responsibility of the assigned client reviewers, so created additional overhead. The client started to look for a way to centralize all these efforts and appoint one person that would be an internal liaison working with client reviewers and stakeholders and be responsible for quality and brand voice for the particular language. We realised we could facilitate this so started to draft a strategy for the Language Champion Program that would respond to this need.
What is the key role of Language Champion Program?
The Language Champion Program is designed to perform Quality Control of all marketing content – website and marketing collateral. Language Champions also work directly with client reviewers discussing all linguistic aspects in their native language and making sure that style and tone matches exactly to the client’s expectations. They build and maintain terminology and style guides as well as take responsibility for overall brand delivery.


What is the value of this program for your clients?
I believe that the program adds immense value and is considered a great success within the client organization. It significantly enhances the quality of the clients visible marketing content and is really essential to attract customers. Thought-through, consistent and branded marketing content considerably improves the customer experience, that translates into greater customer interest and subsequent spend on my clients products and services.
In addition, the program saves time and effort that normally the client reviewers would need to spend on reviewing and correcting the content, whereas now they can focus on giving the direction and advice instead of looking into each single detail of translated content. Our clients fully trust the Language Champions to perform the thorough review that aligns fully with their vision. So, they can now dedicate more time to their core responsibilities.
What factors made this program so successful?
I think the main success factor of this program is the close collaboration between client reviewers and Language Champions that we have introduced to the client. Another key factor is the stringent recruitment process where the client reviewers interview several candidates in person, check test translations and choose the linguist that matches perfectly their expectations, both on professional and personal levels, which makes the future cooperation even more fruitful and fulfilling.
Is there anything that you learnt while working on this program?
This program certainly proved to me how important it is to involve the stakeholders in the decision-making process and give them the authority to choose from various options to select the one that suits them best. The program wouldn’t have been so successful if the Language Champions were chosen only by us and offered to client reviewers, they needed to be actively selecting them in order to be fully satisfied with their work later on.
What tips would you give to other clients that would like to implement such program in their organizations?
I would definitely recommend first to arrange the internal structure and have the decision-makers fully on board with the program and then involve these stakeholders in the process, so that they can decide themselves which option is the best for them. The program manager should though always stay in control of the process and guide the stakeholders if they don’t go in the right direction.


If you would like more information about or Language Champion Program or have any enquiries for Martyna and our Business Development Team you can contact us at [email protected]

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