Jonckers at Elia Bucharest

Jonckers team recently sponsored and attended the Elia Bucharest Conference. There were a mass of familiar industry faces as well as some great new contacts to be made. The event started with a fantastic networking opportunity, with all attendees enjoying some pre-conference down time in the city and meeting at one of Bucharest’s hottest bars. UK Business Unit Director Chiara Raimondo and Global Marketing Manager attended along with delegates from Microsoft, Facebook and many LSP’s.

The Conference

Elia are famed for their fantastic workshops. Presentations from industry influencers, market leaders and evangelists alike were all well received. Core business advice, Marketing strategy workshops, advances in technology roundtables and vital industry innovations were all covered by exceptional guest speakers and Elia representatives. Hot topics were Neural MT and continuous delivery, both of which Jonckers are focusing heavily on at the moment and hope to further progress going into 2018.

Event Round-Up

It was an honour this year for Jonckers to host the Official Elia Bucharest Networking Dinner. Guests joined us in the picturesque old town in a traditional restaurant for drinks, entertainment and some amazing Romanian cuisine. A great time was had by all and it gave the Jonckers team a further opportunity to network and discuss progress for next year. A perfect way to end a great event.

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