At Jonckers we promote and celebrate gender equality. In fact, if it wasn’t for the hard working and talented females in our organisation, this company would probably not exist. We are fortunate enough to have a wealth of strong and experienced women from across the globe working with us, so on International Women’s Day, we thought we’d introduce you to a few!

Chiara Raimondo – VP of Operations

Chiara was born in Alassio, Italy. She now operates as Vice President of Operations for the company from our EU office in Manchester. A graduate of languages and media, she is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English and has a passion for learning and travel.

Veronique Huyghebaert – Language Services Director

Brussels based Language Services Director Vero has been with Jonckers from the start. Her dedication to languages and the company is unparalleled and she truly is a force within the business. She is a wife, mother and priceless member of the Jonckers team.


Michaela Muzikova – Operations Director

When you hear the phrase ‘she is a force to be reckoned with’ you should now think of  ZIlina based Michaela. A talented linguist, accomplished athlete competing at international level in Judo and exceptional manager. Her professional accomplishments within the industry are well noted, she is a valued and well respected member of the team and also mother to two beautiful children.


Martyna Pakula – US Business Unit Director

Born in Poland, Martyna made the move to the states and has proven herself to be a valuable member of our stateside and international setup. Her progression from Program Manager and Business Manager to Director level shows her willingness and determination. She is a firm advocate of Women In Localization and epitomizes the value strong, talented females bring to our industry.



Mitsuko Kubo – APAC Business Unit Manager

In the same vein as Martyna, Mitsuko has served her time with the company for many years, grasping the opportunity to progress. Her exceptional work and history with the company has made her a long serving heroine and well respected team member.



Joanna Hasan – EU Business Unit Manager

Relative newbie Jo has vast and vital experience in the industry. Her skill set and knowledge base was too good to miss out on, so we welcomed her with open arms when she decided to join the business.


We are very proud and privileged to work with so many strong female role models and wish we could profile each and every one of our amazing women. Everyday we are in business, we value the skills they bring and the amazing work they do. Happy Women’s Day and long may your progress and successes continue.

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