Dresher, PA – November 4, 2014 – D. Gustafson & Associates, LLC, DGA, is a boutique market research firm specializing in international and domestic research for an array of medical and healthcare companies. DGA and JONCKERS have come together to formulate a strategy that allows each company to be mutually successful in markets all around the world. This partnership means DGA can focus on developing industry-leading data collection methodologies and conducting market research in more than 100 therapeutic categories, while JONCKERS ensures the content is culturally relevant for each country.

Conducting healthcare market research on a global basis requires deep thinking about how pharmaceutical companies can effectively communicate with their stakeholders. Focusing on conceptual equivalence across each market segment and locale, JONCKERS ensures the translations are accurate, and employ the appropriate cultural and linguistic nuances. This ensures DGA maintains its mission to provide strategic insights and guidance to their clients.

“As a healthcare market research firm, it is critical that our domestic and international clients receive accurate guidance relevant to each and every market,” said Dave Gustafson, Principal at DGA. “Our partnership with JONCKERS has allowed us to do this, and it enhances our ability to successfully execute market research studies across the entire globe. In addition, we can further leverage our partnership with JONCKERS in my expanded role as Chief Insights Officer of Spych Market Analytics, LLC (www.spychresearch.com), our sister company which focuses on Gen Y and Millennials research.”

“At JONCKERS our goal is to enable our clients to expand their businesses worldwide. DGA provides an amazing service to their clients, and I am proud that we can help them with that,” said David Ashton, Chief Revenue Officer at JONCKERS.


Since 1994, JONCKERS has been a leader in localization technologies. JONCKERS provides customized solutions for global adaptation across linguistic, cultural and technical aspects of global market preparation. For more information, please visit www.jonckers.com

About D. Gustafson & Associates, LLC

Founded in 2006, DGA has flourished into a successful international market research firm. They have extensive experience working with biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, allowing themselves to form strong industry relationships while providing innovative, high quality market research at competitive prices. Visit their website at www.dgaqual.com.