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Unlimited Holidays for all Jonckers employees

Importance of employee wellbeing

There has been a second pandemic occurring in parallel to Covid-19, and it comes in the form of a mental health crisis. Loneliness, isolation, health fears, and the more direct effects of the coronavirus have all contributed to creating an anxious and often depressed population.

The European office of the World Health Organisation recently urged for attention to be drawn to mental health and wellbeing over the coming months, as the impacts of the pandemic are exacerbated by the drearier months. Winter months usually see an increase in mental health issues, with Seasonal Affective Disorder affecting around 3 in 100 people in the UK. This will certainly not be helped by further lockdowns and restrictions.

Business leaders and HR staff, therefore, have been working on their employee wellbeing strategies throughout the pandemic. Particularly in tight-deadline, high-demand environments, employees must feel valued – not only for their mental health, but in order to increase productivity and ensure they’re working in the optimum flow.

Here at Jonckers, award-winning tech-enabled language company, Covid-19 gave us the push we needed to implement something game-changing: Unlimited Holidays. We wanted to offer the ultimate in work benefits in our HR policy to continue to increase Employee Satisfaction. 

Unlimited Holidays launched
for employee satisfaction and wellbeing
at tech-enabled language company

Happy Employees = Happy Customers​

There’s undoubtedly a lot of scepticism and chatter around the topic, with many believing it impossible or counterintuitive. This is simply not the case! We already have maternity, paternity, and sick leave; this is our responsibility in these modern times.

After our trial run in our Czech Republic and Slovakia offices, we decided to launch this Unlimited Holiday policy for all employees.


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Unlimited Holidays by Jonckers

Why offer Unlimited Holidays?

At Jonckers, we prioritise agility. We know that the ability to be agile has allowed many companies to thrive this year. When coronavirus kicked in, all of our employees that weren’t yet set up for working from home, were enabled to work remotely. It means we can stick to customer delivery deadlines while keeping our employees safe. And happy employees = happy customers!

We see our linguists fulfil their dreams to live and work wherever they choose, and we thought our employees should be given the same opportunity.

Our technology is ahead of the game, so why shouldn’t our HR policy also be innovative?

More benefits 
of Unlimited Holidays:

Finding and retaining top talent is easier.

Small Business Prices

    found that 26% of those asked chose Unlimited Holiday as the perk they would want the most. Now, that means that those companies that offer this benefit will look significantly better to prospective employees – importantly, it looks great to those hard-to-reach profiles that you struggle getting to interview.

For those companies that offer this benefit, it seems that it’s an integrated part of company culture. Company culture has been quite the buzzword this year, but for good reason; it contributes to business growth by promoting healthy attitudes, work ethics, and behaviours and, if done right, offers employees a voice. What makes employees feel less heard than, “no, you can’t take the day off for your best friend’s wedding – you’ve reached your allocated twenty days already”?

At Jonckers we want to continue to increase our employee satisfaction, and one way is through this ultimate work benefit and HR policy.

Jonckers team
Jonckers WordsOnline staff photo
Our Vietnamese employees with their new Christmas WordsOnline hoodies

People need time off to avoid burnout 

All employees need a chance to recharge, and spend time for themselves. The reasons for this are pretty basic and moral, but in terms of the financial benefits look at the advantages of having a healthy and happy workforce.

It will increase productivity and employee motivation

Happy employees are much more productive, hence why Netflix and Virgin introduced the policy themselves. Displaying flexibility boosts employee morale and makes them feel less restricted, even if they don’t end up using much of the unlimited holiday.

Recruiter.co.uk found that offering unlimited holiday could reduce sick days by up to 50% and decrease staff turnover by 10%. Think about it – knowing you are (to a reasonable degree) in control of your time off and that you have things to look forward to, makes work, well, less like work. 

It displays to your employees that you respect their wellbeing.

It also shows a level of trust, satisfaction, and loyalty to them. You trust them to make smart decisions, value their time off work as much as their time working (not just because one impacts the other!), and you care about their safety. If an employee feels they’re not coping very well, their mental health should be respected and time off granted – as it would be for a broken wrist or illness.

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Unlimited Holiday 2021 skiing in France

In this day and age, HR staff and business leaders need to look for these kinds of innovations wherever they can find them. The ultimate work benefit is collaborating within a company that cares – we believe this should be reflected in our HR policy.

A culture of presenteeism is not desirable – reducing the clock-watching and increasing engagement is in fact the purpose of unlimited leave. We want to have happier employees delivering exceptional customer service.

The fundamentals, still stand. Employees need time off to feel valued, to feel they aren’t expected to be productivity machines, to avoid burning out. This is absolutely vital against the backdrop of lockdowns and the stress caused by Coronavirus.

We hope that this policy will go on increasing the levels of ‘zen’ in our employees, keeping them safe and able to continue their excellent work!

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