About Jonckers

Our mission is to break language barriers,
with our AI Translation Platform
and Global Linguistic Community.

About Jonckers

We are a fun, trusted, innovative and global tech-enabled language company.

We offer our own AI-powered platform WordsOnline,
using Neural Machine Translation technology
with human expertise
to provide our enterprise customers with
fast turnaround
language services 
at optimal quality.

AI human translation platform

Since 1994, Jonckers has been a leading force in professional translation services and localization technologies, supporting top international brands in developing their message and global presence with speed and efficiency. Our translation service offerings cover everything required for you to reach your international audience. Whether you need word for word professional translation, multimedia localization or accredited translators and trans-creative consultants.

Jonckers promises a scalable team of technology and language experts, combined with tools, which can be customized to your specification, to support your business in accelerating its presence on a worldwide stage. All our processes follow the international ISO standards for our industry. Please visit our Quality page for more information. 

Our Values


Innovation in Translation Services

We deliver the fastest turnaround times for your projects. Enabling your company to go global faster.


Through our unique AI & human refined cloud-based translation platform we deliver consistent and quality translations every time. 

Cost Effective

WordsOnline Global Linguistic Community

Our highly efficient application of AI ensures we can deliver scalability and significant cost savings.