The Spirit of giving in Slovakia

In Slovakia, the spirit of giving is important around Christmas time. The Jonckers employees in the Zilina office have been able to brighten up Christmas for locals in need, through a lovely charity initiative.

Dana Znasikova explains: “It is really simple – people fill shoeboxes (or any other boxes) with nice things and these will go to elderly and lonely people for Christmas. The elderly homes, hospitals, and other care facilities will receive these gifts. Please see the English poster they have on their website for more details.”

“As Coronavirus is currently rife, we aren’t able to work regularly from our Zilina office, but colleagues brought the boxes in, whenever they came to the office. Some remote colleagues also paid by bank transfer, so that presents could be given locally without travel. Dana liaised with the official charity event coordinator in Zilina, who collected the presents early in December.”

Charity Description 2020
Charity Christmas 2020

Here are the photos of the gifts which were collected and created by the office. This campaign is especially important this year, as many people are severely isolated due to the lockdown. The recognition of goodwill will bring joy to many who are struggling this year.

Thank you to all colleagues who took part in this initiative.