Siri is back and she has learned a few new tricks…

Apple’s WWDC 2017 event took place in San Jose this week (5th June) and one of the main highlights of the event was the news that Siri, their voice assistant, will be taking steps into multilingual translation services. Not only will Siri now operate a more lifelike human voice, in both female and male intonations, the new skills Siri displays in iOS 11 will improve its general overall delivery, including phrase translation.

Multilingual Mac

It was announced that globally, Siri is now used on more than 375 million Apple devices. The requirement for basic translation on the platform has been clear for some time, but this is the first big step into Siri become a fully multilingual tool. By bringing translation to Siri, Apple is allowing its users to ask the voice assistant ‘how to say’ certain English phrases in a select variety of languages. This first phase launch allows users to translate into ; Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish, with further localization updates planned in the near future.

Although Siri has encountered more competition from other markets over the past few years, such as Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant, Apple is hoping to demonstrate that they are still the voice assistant to beat with this latest feature.

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