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Be sMarT with JONCKERS post-edited MT as a service

JONCKERS sMarT is the perfect service for those customers that want the efficiency and time-to-market gains of post-edited machine translation without the hassle of creating and managing a machine translation infrastructure. JONCKERS takes care of the details for you but you still get all the benefits of post-edited MT with guaranteed price and time-to-market benefits.

Behind the scenes we will look at which core MT engines are best suited for your content, whether you need a dedicated MT engine and whether adjustments to the training regime make sense for your content and business requirements. But YOU don’t have to worry about any of that because we take care of it all for you.


Our sMarT offering provides the same linguistic quality as you would expect from traditional translation but at a significantly reduced cost and time-to-market. With sMarT we follow the same processes we do for Translation-109, with the simple insertion of a machine translation engine alongside the translation memory. The actual productivity increases and corresponding cost benefit depend on a variety of factors and will increase over time as we tailor and train the engines. Whats the sMarT difference? With sMarT you don’t have to worry about anything – we charge sMarT at a fixed cost per word just like “traditional” translation and work behind the scenes to ensure we meet the productivity goals.  


For some content a MT-review process is more effective than a full post-edit. In these cases we can provide sMart-Express where we ensure readability and factual correctness of content in a rapid process that is also very low-cost. sMarT–Express can be the perfect solution for technical support content, FAQ’s, help and knowledge–base.

Be sMarT with JONCKERS!

For those customers interested in developing their own MT strategy, our Consulting Services may be interesting. For those who already have MT and need a dedicated post-editing service – we have just the thing.

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