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Smart-short engineering

Our vision is to foster worldwide access to information technology by providing high-end localization and globalization partnership programs in over 100 languages to leading companies.

JONCKERS uses smart-shoring to save money for clients by picking knowing what works well performed locally and what can be effectively operated in low-cost centers. Our solutions are delivered by determining the best combination of near-shore or off-shore resource allocations based on our customers’ desired strategic goals.

JONCKERS is offering globalization outsourcing services through our main production Centers of Excellence located in attractive, cost efficient locations, Czech Republic, Vietnam and China, coupled with a customer-facing Production HUBs in USA, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Korea and Japan.

Our smart-shored solutions achieve and maintain the fine balance among agility, quality and cost considerations by leveraging advantages of location and time zones best suited for a particular business case or situation.

We are service provider, focused on partnering with you, our clients, to tailor smart solutions that meet your individual business goals wherever you are and wherever you prefer to outsource. 


JONCKERS has shaped its services and uses smart-shoring model to meet the specific needs of companies which are adopting collaborative innovation approaches to accelerate product design for international markets. For companies aiming to launch innovative products, the increase of complexity in the products and the competitive nature of the globalized marketplace pose significant challenges. We collaborate and partner with our customers to deal with new challenges in a way that provides mutual benefit and shared learning. Through working with Fortune 500 companies over 20 years, JONCKERS has gained considerable experience with building effective and cost efficient co-development strategies.

Our customers have found that they can generate new business, improve focus on core competencies, and reduce costs by enabling joint-development of their international products and services with JONCKERS as their main strategic partner.

JONCKERS Global Shared Centers of Excellence:

  • Wanchai – Hong Kong, Asia
  • Hanoi – Vietnam, Asia
  • Brno – Czech Republic, Europe
  • Zilina – Slovakia, Europe

Examples of successfully co-developed products:

  • Cisco Tweet Localization online tool
  • Machine translation integration for Trados Studio
  • SPX EasyEdit
  • Microsoft Product Studio sync service
  • Microsoft Windows Dashboard

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