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Legal & Patent Translation

Legal and patent translations presents unique challenges for localization. Accuracy is essential, but often speed is equally important.  JONCKERS has built a deep pool of resources to provide accurate and quick translations of patents and legal text.

We have developed specific processes to assess and confirm the quality of translations (for example ‘back translations’) and can provide certified/sworn translations for many language combinations and in many jurisdictions.

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Mistranslation can be a common problem when dealing with legal matters. That is why it is essential that it is carried out by specialists/subject matter experts (SMEs), who understand the law in both the source and target countries.

For over 20 years Jonckers have been providing legal and patent translation services. Our qualified team of legal translation experts are some of the best in the industry so you can be confident that the work we deliver is to an exceptional standard.

We work with business of all shapes and sizes, from specialist law firms to large scale multi national enterprises, all of them rely on the hard work and dedication of our team.

We have learned over the years, that not every customer requirement is the same. So if you have a requirement that you need specific help with or you feel you would like to discuss further. Then please feel free to get in touch and one of the team will be more than happy to help.

The services that we offer in the legal market ensure that we can deliver accurate precise translations quickly, any time of the day, and most importantly ensure that the content remains secure throughout the whole process.

Due to the size of our team and our geographical locations, we can offer a full range of patent translation services globally. So wherever in the world you are we are confident we can translate any legal or patent document that you require.

With offices located in the USA (Washington and California), United Kingdom (Manchester), Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, China, Vietnam and our HQ in Brussels. We can get you the right support that you need for your region.

Please feel free to contact us at one of our locations or to fill in an enquiry form online and one of the team will be in touch.