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Functional Testing

With Centers of Excellence in Czech Republic, Vietnam and China and account teams located close to the clients own centers JONCKERS is able to deliver high quality functional testing as part of a cost-effective global service.

Testing is arguably the most important phase in software development project. Our focused approach to functional testing includes verifying that an application, platform, hardware or web-site conforms to specifications and correctly performs all required functions regardless of whether it has been internationalized or localized.

We offer comprehensive testing services to ensure that any language version of your product, project, website or application – conforms to stated and documented behavior and specifications. Functional Testing includes testing of user commands, data manipulation, searches, business processes, user screens, and integrations. It is executed as a series of tests which validates the products behavior, feature by feature, using a wide range of normal as well as erroneous input data. This can involve testing of the product’s user interface, APIs, database, security, installation, network, etc.

Our team performs tests of your applications on all of the relevant operating systems, browser versions and devices. Once a product’s expected functionality has been defined, test cases or test procedures are created to test actual against expected behavior of the program.

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ヨンカーズは、チェコ共和国、ベトナム、中国にある研究施設(Centers of Excellence: COE)と、クライアントのテストセンター近くに設置されたアカウントチームによって、コスト効果の高いグローバルサービスの一環として高品質の機能テストを提供できます。