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Groundbreaking Globalization Information System



Consumer and enterprise technology have come a long way in the past few decades and localization is no exception.

At JONCKERS, we help our customers to stay at the forefront of their markets by staying at the forefront of ours. We are excited about technology and making our contribution to new developments.

We invest in game-changing solutions where people and processes combine with state-of-the-art technology to reduce time and cost while increasing quality.

Most importantly, these localization solutions help customers drive their global business.

All companies say they have technology, which they do. Most vendors can support automated workflows, file submission and leverage using Translation Memories. JONCKERS’ processes are not driven by translation processes but by customers’ business requirements. That’s what makes us different.

As Silicon Review Magazine states: “JONCKERS have developed a technology platform unlike any other, delivering actionable business information at the same time as empowering the translation process itself and no other company has the ability to do this.”cloud

By choosing to work with JONCKERS, you will benefit from not only having easy to use portals for automated workflows, but instant access to your data wherever you are, whenever is most convenient for you. That is how we have changed the paradigm of technology for localized content.

Customers interact with us through our groundbreaking Globalization Information System, which offers three levels of support.

No matter what time of day or region your teams will have access to instant submisson and information, thanks to our follow the sun and technology led production capabilities.

Is a self-service portal classed as a ‘one stop shop’ to send and receive localization handbacks from a quick start dashboard style interface. Home to our famous JONCKERSrapid service, offering human translation in as little as 2 hours.

Rethinks the way clients and service providers should interact. JONCKERS realizes that a client needs project information at their fingertips, especially when sitting in an agile sprint meeting or release planning session. Waiting around for vendors to give you this information is not good enough. With JONCKERS, you get this all in real-time, at the touch of a button.

Gives customers immediate access to a library of over 20 KPIs. But what’s important here is the fact that historical data gives customers actionable insight, to support business objectives. Next time you ask yourself, how much and how will we penetrate a new market? Log into JONCKERSdashboard, your analytics engine to find out.

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